Learn to Spell Hard Words with Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0

Finding it hard to spell complicated words? Want to improve your spelling prowess? Worry not.... 98thPercentile's Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 is here.

Did you know? Spelling words correctly increases vocabulary, communication and cognitive skills and learning hard words to spell boosts confidence in your child. Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 by 98thPercentile is here to do just that.  

It's an excellent opportunity for students to study in an engaging setting. It provides more value to your child's brain than you realize. A child's journey from the beginning to the day of competition makes participants excited about the competition and fuels their desire to study. It additionally encourages a healthy competitive spirit among children.

Spelling Bees

What is Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0?


If you hear the spell bee buzzing again, it is time for Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 by 98thPercentile. It is an online competition which will be conducted grade-wise. Join the competition on August 10 and 11, 2024 and get a chance to win rewards and scholarships worth $1500. 

Children in grades 1-7 can avail this excellent and exciting opportunity to enhance their communication skills and vocabulary. It's time to put on the thinking cap and show peers around the country their spelling prowess. The competition will take place on the magical Kahoot platform and take part in 3 categories.

Students of grades 1 and 2 can participate in Early Spellers while those in grades 3 and 4 can take part in Rising Spellers. Students of grades 5, 6 and 7 can take part in Super spellers and win exciting prizes. 

The timings for the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 online competition is-




Grades 1-2 

August 10, 2024 

11:00 AM CT 

Grades 3-4 

August 11, 2024 

10:30 AM CT 

Grades 5-7 

August 11, 2024 

12:30 PM CT 


We, at 98thPercentile, recognize your worries. We understand that you want the best for your child. Hence we bring back the much successful Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 so that your child can hone their skills.

Why should your child participate in Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0?

We have many benefits that come along with participating in Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0

  • Vocabulary Expansion- Your child will make the dictionary their best friend which will result in expansion and enhancement of vocabulary. Even during the online competition, they learn many new words and can later flaunt it in front of friends and family. 
  • Improved Spelling Accuracy - They put an effort to learn the correct spellings of words and hence it improves automatically. 
  • Boost self-confidence- Their confidence in themselves boost and they feel accomplished after successful participation. The winners and participants both get certificates which makes your child feel they have done something to be proud of.
  • Enhanced Language Skills - Their linguistic skills improve as they read books, go through the dictionary to know spellings and meanings of words and practice to win the competition. 
  • Improved Memory and Concentration- Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 also helps to improve memory and concentration in your child since they try out different ways to learn and memorize the spellings.
  • Improved Pronunciation- They try to spell the words out loud, thus focusing on the pronunciation part of it. This also results in enhancing their pronunciation techniques.  
  • Fosters Reading Habits- To develop their oratory skills, children focus on reading books. This is a very good way of inculcating reading habits in children from an early age. Their imaginative power also develops and they become critical thinkers which helps them in the future. 

 Not just this...... 

Stand a chance to win amazing awards and Scholarships 

Rank 1: $75 Gift Coupon + 100% Scholarship 

Rank 2: $50 Gift Coupon +80% Scholarship 

Rank 3: $25 Gift Coupon +50% Scholarship 

Make this summer productive for your child with 98thPercentile's Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 so that they get a chance to experience competing with peers from across the country. It's free of cost, fun way to learn new words and spellings from the comfort of your house and takes self-confidence of your child to a whole new level. 

Experts from 98thPercentile takes into consideration a lot of things while planning the competition and provides the best experience. Still finding words hard to spell? Register now for free and attend Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 to achieve new heights of success for your little one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1: Who organizes Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0?

Ans- Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 is organized by 98thPercentile, an e-learning platform offering after-school enrichment programs in Math, coding, ELA and Public speaking. They also conduct various competitions throughout the year for your child's benefit. 

Q.2: What is Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0?

Ans- Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 is an online competition where children try to spell words correctly and compete against peers from all over the country.  

Q.3: Who is eligible to take part in Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0?

Ans- Children residing in USA and in grades 1-7 can take part in the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 by 98thPercentile.

Q.4: How can taking part in Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 help my child?

Ans- Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 can inculcate reading habits, enhance vocabulary and communication skills. It can boost self-confidence and healthy competitive spirit.

Q.5: What will winners get?

Ans- Winners get a chance to win rewards and scholarships worth $1500. all participants will get certificates as well.