Why Is the Sum of Angles in a Triangle Always 180 Degrees?

Sum of angles in a triangle

A triangle has three sides and three angles, and the sum of three angles is 180 degrees. This is taught to everyone in school as a standard rule, but did it ever cross your thoughts why is the sum of a triangle 180° 

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What is an Angle? 

An angle is formed when two straight lines meet at a common point. The common point is called the vertex of the angle, and it is measured in degrees. 

Understanding the sum of angles in a triangle is 180° with Pizza

To understand this explanation, you will require a pen, paper, scale, and protractor. But if you can imagine as you read this then it works too. Now picture this:  

  • Draw a full pizza on paper. 
  • Cut the pizza horizontally into half and use a protractor and measure the angle. (angle will be 180°) 
  • Now cut the pizza vertically passing along the center which means 180° cut into half is 90° 
  • You have 4 slices with 4 right angles. 

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(Proven fact: One exterior angle = sum of two interior angles) 

  •  Here you must particularly observe only one slice and consider it your slice 
  • One side of the angle in the slice is already 90°. Let's say A1=90° 
  • The angle of another pizza slice which is exterior to your pizza slice is also 90° 
  • Now you are left with two interior angles of your pizza slice 
  • According to the proof, the sum of the two interior angles is 90°. Let's say A2+A3= 90° 

Hence, A1+(A2+A3) = 90°+ 90° 

                               = 180° 

Therefore, the sum of angles in a triangle is 180° 

Theorem proof: 

  • Draw a triangle XYZ with angles x,y, and z. 
  • Draw a line AB passing through the vertex X, which is parallel to the side YZ.  
  • Two angles will be formed, mark them as d and e.  
  • Since AB is a transversal for the parallel lines AB and YZ, we have e = z (alternate interior angles)  
  • Similarly, d = y.  
  • Now x, y, and z must sum to 180° (angles on a straight line). Thus, p + a + q = 180°  
  • Since e = z and d = y. Thus, x + y + z = 180°  

Therefore, the sum of the three angles x, y, and z is 180°. Hence proved. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1. What is the sum of all interior angles in a triangle?

Ans: The sum of angles in a triangle is 180°.

Q.2. Why is the sum of interior angles 180°? 

Ans: According to principles of Euclidean geometry the sum of interior angles is 180°.

Q.3. Is this rule the same for all triangles?

Ans: Yes, all the triangles have their sum of angle as 180°.

Q.4. How can verify the sum of angles in a triangle is 180°? 

Ans: Using a protractor to measure these angles in the triangle will give a practical verification.

Q.5. Does a right-angle triangle also follow the exterior angle theorem?

Ans: Yes, the right angle triangle also follows this theorem.

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