After School English Program for Kids

How Do Online After-School English Programs Help Students?

Some children pick up the English language quickly while others struggle with concrete and abstract concepts. Concrete concepts include grammar and spelling conventions. Abstract concepts pertain to organization and theme. Students stress upon spending hours toiling over homework. They feel self-conscious in class when they aren’t performing as well as their peers. Fortunately, there is a remedy: After school English program. Online English classes for kids are taken in regular school English as a second language. The classes involve an online English tutor working with pupils one-on-one or in small groups via video chat. Unlike in-person classes, online English classes allow shy children to feel comfortable in their homes. Teachers provide individualized, focused attention at the learners’ pace so no student is lost in the shuffle. Students become proficient in language arts, so homework takes less time. Learners feel confident being on par with their schoolmates. Children live healthy, happy lives with less stress and more confidence!

Why is Learning English Important?

Language arts is arguably the most important academic area. Reading and writing are essential skills in all school subjects. (Even math requires reading word problems and writing data summaries). Reading exposes people to not only more factual knowledge but also more ways of thinking. Children access a broader range of texts, and thus more ideas, when they reach higher reading levels. Those who read a large variety of perspectives and topics often are better at comprehension. Readers formulate deep, abstract ideas and are prone to vaulted achievement.
Reading and writing are also valuable skills for life. Readers possess the ability to learn anything in the world as long as they can access educational materials. Writers enjoy the ability to communicate their ideas to others worldwide. Reading and writing English in particular is a precious asset. English is the most commonly used language on the globe when adding the number of native and non-native speakers. (Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers). Proficiency in the world’s dominant language increases the chance of success both in academia and life.

Which Students Use Online English Programs?

The majority of online after school English programs are utilized by children in the United States. Students participating in these programs are primarily elementary children with special needs or high-schoolers preparing for the SAT. The second-most common group of pupils signing up for the programs are young children in China learning English as a second language. However, pupils of all ages and academic levels – kindergarten through college – take advantage. Everyone benefits from having an online tutor cater to their individual needs so they can reach their full potential!

What Makes Online After-School Programs Preferable to In-Person Tutoring?

Students receive supplementary instruction from the comfort of their homes. Pupils value privacy when they are embarrassed to be seen going to a tutoring center are able to. Children’s guardians save money via online tutors. The cost of online instruction is often less expensive because there is no commuting expense of traveling to and from a center. Students endure no limitation to educators in their local vicinity. The internet makes it possible for pupils to find tutors compatible with their unique circumstances and learning styles.

Who are Online English Tutors?

Anyone can advertise themselves as a tutor online. However, most parents sign their children up to receive instruction through a platform that employs educators. Platforms put teachers through a series of tests, interviews, and demo lessons to ensure the tutors are adequate. Some guardians decide to use a platform which hires high-school students for peer-on-peer instruction. Other families choose platforms preferring certified English teachers with degrees in the subject.

Where can Online English Tutors be Found?

An internet search yields hundreds of different types of online English platforms. Students bring whatever assignments they are currently working on in school to some of these programs. Under those circumstances, a tutor helps them with the homework and projects. Tutors provide educational materials based on the students’ academic needs, rather than expecting learners to supply content, in other courses.
98thPercentile is an example of the latter. Children and teenage learners take placement tests. The online English tutors give them assignments based on the answers they got incorrect on the exam to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. Students can catch up to their current academic grade level through this process. Learn more about 98thPercentile’s exemplary online curriculum tailored to individual needs and the experienced English teachers who work there.


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