11 ways to have creative summer break with kids

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Summer is a time for fun and excitement but too often children feel bored as they do not know what to do with all that enthusiastic and energetic soul residing in them. If you are weary of hearing your children say they are bored when they're on summer break, we are here to help!

Make the most of your kids' summer break this year by getting them involved in enjoyable and educational summer activities that will keep them occupied and encourage growth. Continue reading the 11 activities recommended by 98thPercentile to make summer break fun with kids.

Upskilling with Summer

Children can experiment with various hobbies and explore their creativity over the summer months. Here are 11 entertaining and inventive summertime activities to keep your children occupied and content while keeping the learning process alive.

  • Environmental Art: Take a day and gather rocks, flowers, and leaves from your home or a nearby park. Make stunning leaf prints, rock paintings, and collages with these organic materials. Children's creativity is stimulated and they learn to value the outdoors through nature painting.

  • Do It Yourself: Provide craft items such as paper, glue, scissors, and markers. Encourage your kids to make handcrafted cards, jewelry, or mask out of paper. Websites like Pinterest offer plenty of easy DIY ideas that you can do with common household items. This also strengthens their capacity for creativity.

  • STEM projects: Get your children involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects by giving them hands-on experience. Whether it's constructing a tiny solar-powered vehicle or making structures out of marshmallows, these summer activities for kids not only impart valuable knowledge but also encourage creativity and critical thinking.

  • Online summer camps: A variety of organizations and educational establishments provide online summer camps covering a broad range of topics. These camps offer structured learning opportunities. This motivates interpersonal communication which helps in enhancing communication skills in children.

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  • Science experiments at home: Simple science experiments can be carried out with your children at your home's makeshift science lab. These projects, which range from creating slime and lava lamps to investigating chemical reactions, are entertaining in addition to being educational.

  • Preparing Food Together: Engage your children in culinary activities. Allow them to assist with basic recipes, such as those for smoothies, sandwiches, or cookies. They pick up useful skills and are inspired to experiment with flavors and ingredients when they cook. It enhances verbal communication skills.

  • Telling Tales: Encourage your children's creativity by writing stories together. You can compose a comic strip, write a novel, or just contribute to a spoken story as you go. They can think more creatively and with greater linguistic proficiency thanks to this exercise.

  • Growing a garden: Introduce your children to gardening and flora. Allow them to assist you in planting herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Observing their plants grow is a satisfying experience, and gardening is a practical hobby that instills patience and responsibility.

  • Dancing and Music: Encourage your children to use dance and music as a form of self-expression. Learn a new dance together, build homemade instruments, or have a karaoke session. Dancing and music are excellent means of enhancing creativity and elevating mood.

  • Photo Treasure Hunt: Give your children a list of things to look for and take pictures of in your home or neighborhood. They learn to pay attention to details and develop a creative perspective on the world through this exercise.

  • Play for Theater: Make a little theater in your house. Together, write a short play, create costumes, and perform it for the family. Kids' confidence is boosted and their storytelling and performance skills are developed through theater activities.

You can make sure that your children have an enjoyable, imaginative, and educational summer break by including these activities in your schedule. These encounters will help children explore new interests and abilities in addition to entertainment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1: What age group are these activities suitable for?
Ans- These are suitable for ages 3 and up, with adult supervision for younger kids.

Q.2: Do I need special materials for these activities?
Ans- No, not necessarily. You can use common household items that you already own.

Q.3: How much time do these activities take?
Ans- It can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Q.4: Are these indoor activities or outdoor activities?
Ans- Most activities can be adapted for indoor fun.

Q.5: Are these activities educational?
Ans- Yes, they creatively promote learning and communication skills.

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