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In the ever-changing environment of education and innovation, the 98thPercentile stands out as an example of quality and resourcefulness. With a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, 98thPercentile has pioneered educational enrichment programs that promote creativity, critical thinking, and technological understanding.

Based on the conviction that every kid has the ability to thrive, 98thPercentile has continuously provided transformative learning experiences that challenge, excite, and pique curiosity.

98thPercentile has helped thousands of children achieve their full potential and follow their aspirations with confidence by offering a wide range of programs in Math, Coding, ELA and Public speaking.

At the heart of 98thPercentile's goal is a dedication to innovation and vision. This devotion is demonstrated by the most recent effort, to explore coding for kids with the AI Xplorers Summer Camp.

This engaging camp is aimed at introducing children aged 6-14 in the USA to the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it promises to be a transforming voyage of discovery and adventure.

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Why AI Xplorers Summer Camp?

Coding for beginners can be intimidating. The AI Xplorers Summer Camp provides a unique chance for children to explore the intriguing world of AI and discover its potential to change the future. Participants will go on a voyage of exploration, learning, and creativity, using a combination of interactive masterclasses, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects.

With the masterclass on June 29, 2024, children will embark on a journey of discovery and creativity and take a step towards the ‘learn to code’ phase.

The camp program is carefully designed to meet the different interests and talents of children aged 6 to 14. Younger participants (ages 6-10) will discover how AI may help them in their daily lives by learning about virtual assistants, recommendation systems, and other AI-powered technologies that improve efficiency and convenience. Through engaging exercises and real-world examples, kids will learn how AI affects their daily lives and enables them to become tech-savvy problem solvers.

Meanwhile, older participants (age 11-14) will delve into advanced subjects as they investigate the role of AI in tackling global concerns. From environmental protection to sustainable development, they will learn how AI may be used to produce new solutions that benefit both mankind and the environment.

Through study, analysis, and creative expression, they will get a greater grasp of AI's ability to promote good change and create a better world for future generations.

Participants will not only learn about AI's practical uses but also about its ethical issues and social repercussions. They will get a comprehensive awareness of the benefits and problems connected with this new technology via talks, case studies, and interactive activities, preparing them to be responsible digital citizens in an AI-driven future.

The AI Xplorers Summer Camp's highlight is the two-phase contest, in which participants need to demonstrate their innovation and cleverness through video presentations. Younger children will produce videos showing AI as helpers in everyday life, while older children will focus on AI for Earth, examining how AI may be used to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

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The submission date of the videos is July 10, 2024 post which the winner will be selected and announced on 98thPercentile’s social media channels on July 15, 2024. This offers a great opportunity for children who want to learn how to code and learn about AI and all the possibilities it has to offer. The participants will get certificates and winners get a chance to win prizes worth $1500.

As the world continues to recognize AI's revolutionary potential, programs like the AI Xplorers Summer Camp play an important role in educating the next generation about the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. It’s a great way to introduce coding programs for kids.

By providing children with the information, skills, and mentality required to traverse the digital world, 98thPercentile enables them to become innovators, leaders, and changemakers who will affect the future of technology and society. Join us on June 29, 2024, as we begin a voyage to discover the wonders of artificial intelligence and inspire the next generation of AI explorers.

FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions)

Q.1: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and why is it important?

Ans- Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to robots or systems that execute tasks in the same way as humans do. It is critical because it improves productivity, automates processes, and promotes innovation in a variety of industries, including healthcare and banking.

Q.2: How does AI improve people's daily lives?

Ans- AI acts as a useful companion in everyday life by powering virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, providing tailored suggestions on streaming platforms, and optimizing transit routes via navigation applications.

Q.3: Can AI help save the Earth?

Ans- Absolutely. AI contributes to environmental conservation by optimizing energy use, managing natural resources more effectively, forecasting natural disasters, and enabling climate research through data analysis.

Q.4: Is AI safe for children to learn about and engage with?

Ans- Yes, AI education for children is created with safety in mind. It focuses on understanding the ethical implications of AI, encouraging responsible use, and developing critical thinking abilities to properly traverse the digital realm. It’s a long step in coding for kids.

Q.5: What can kids expect at the AI Xplorers Summer Camp?

Ans- Children can look forward to a hands-on education in which they will study the principles of artificial intelligence, participate in exciting games and challenges, cooperate with classmates, and express their creativity through a video presentation contest.

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