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Are you concerned about how well your child will perform on the STAAR test? Are you unsure of how to ensure that their outcomes meet your expectations? So continue reading to get all the answers that are offered as well as information on how your child may master the STAAR test.

For children in grades 3 through 8 in all public schools in Texas, open-enrollment charter schools, and selected high school courses, the STAAR Test is a required competitive assessment.

They have a dedicated website where you can acquire all the information regarding the STAAR Test 2024. The schedule, dates, STAAR released test questionnaires, sample STAAR papers, and test forms can be found there. 98thPercentile also has their version of a STAAR practice test known as the STAAR Scholarship Test which occurs every year and helps your child prepare for the impending STAAR Test. 

 Details About STAAR Test 

 STAAR Test 2024 will take place in April and May. Some fall in June as well. The STAAR test program consists of yearly evaluations for the following: 

  • Reading and Math, class 3–8: The STAAR exam program tests students in math and reading from grades three through eight. The purpose of these tests is to evaluate pupils' basic reading comprehension and their ability to solve mathematical problems.
  • Writing, class 4 and 7: These tests measure students' proficiency in producing coherent, grammatically correct, and well-structured essays. Pupils are evaluated on their capacity for clear and concise speech, effective thinking organization, and use of appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling. There are multiple-choice questions in the exams.
  • Science, class 5 and 8: Students' understanding of basic scientific concepts, including the scientific method, matter properties, energy, forces and motion, Earth and space systems, and life science, is evaluated by the STAAR science tests. The objectives of the state curriculum are interwoven with the assessments. 
  • Social studies, class 8: It covers citizenship, government, economy, geography, and history. The test concentrates on critical thinking skills, such as evaluating opposing viewpoints, identifying historical and geographical context, and analyzing and comprehending primary and secondary materials. Students' understanding of the global and American social, political, and economic developments is evaluated.

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End-of-course (EOC) tests in biology, United States history, algebra I, algebra II, and English I, II, and III: Several high school courses end with the administration of the STAAR Test EOC tests, which are designed to gauge students' understanding of the subject matter. The disciplines covered on the examinations include biology, US history (history, geography, government, science, technology, economy, society, and citizenship), English I, II, and III (reading comprehension, writing form, and linguistic assessment), and biology.

Scoring in STAAR Test 

  •  After taking a STAAR Test, students will get a score reflecting their achievement. Three categories will be used to classify students' academic performance: advanced, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory.
  • Depending on the subject and grade level, each STAAR test requires students to score between 25% and 35%. It also takes three to five hours.

Dates for STAAR Test 2024

This year's STAAR test dates are as follows:
  • April 9–April 19: Grades 3–8 Reading and Language Arts English I English II
  • April 16–26: Grade 5 Science, Grade 8 Science, Grade 8 Social Studies, Biology, and United States History
  • April 23–May 3: Grades 3–8 Mathematics and Algebra I
  • June 18-June 28: Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and United States History.

How to Prepare for STAAR Test 2024?

Students are required to examine STAAR-released test papers, practice STAAR assessments, and Mock Sessions before to taking the actual STAAR exams. The official STAAR website run by the Texas government has the STAAR test questions available online.


In a nutshell all third- and fourth-graders in Texas who attend public, open-enrollment charter, and specific high schools are required to take the STAAR exam. The only time this isn't the case is in an emergency, where you can choose not to participate.

Its goal is to assess how well-equipped your child is in relation to other children and how well-schools and instructors have prepared in accordance with TEKS.

It’s not to be taken lightly and must be prepared for in advance and in a thorough manner. STAAR released test and mock exams help a great deal in preparation so that your child can give the examination with full confidence. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: What is the STAAR test and who attends it? 

 Answer: For children in grades 3 through 8 in all public schools in Texas, open-enrollment charter schools, and selected high school courses, the STAAR Test is a required competitive exam.

Q.2: Which subjects are assessed under U.S History? 

 Answer:  Subjects like History, geography, government, science, technology, economics, society and citizenship are assessed and fall under the U.S History category. 

 Q.3: Which subjects are assessed grade-wise? 

 Answer: The subjects that are assessed grade-wise are: 

  • Grade 3- Math, RLA, Spanish Math, Spanish RLA.
  • Grade 4- Math, RLA, Spanish Math, Spanish RLA.
  • Grade 5- Math, RLA, Science, Spanish Math, Spanish RLA, Spanish Science.
  • Grade 6- Math, RLA.
  • Grade 7- Math, RLA.
  • Grade 8- Math, RLA,
  • Science, Social Studies.
  • High school- Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History.  

 Q.4: How can children prepare for the STAAR Test?

Answer: Children can take resources from STAAR's official website, go through and solve previous year's papers as well as take part in various mock tests like STAAR Scholarship test conducted by 98thPercentile.

 Q.5: What is the STAAR Scholarship Test?

Answer: 98thPercentile administers the STAAR Scholarship Test every year to provide students with a practice exam that mimics the questions, structure, and format of the real STAAR test. In order to close skill gaps and ace the STAAR test, it is beneficial for students to practice and be ready for the big test at least a month in advance.

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