Does Your Child Need Help With Linear Algebra Problems?

Linear Algebra Problems

Does 2x + 7x = 9x confuse your child?

We have all had this experience at some point: sitting in a classroom, wide-eyed, as the teacher goes on and on about a math problem. No matter how they explain it, you just don't get it. "Does this have any real-world application? Why is it all so abstract?" you may have asked.

Whether it's pre-algebra, elementary algebra, or even abstract algebra, it's common for students to have problems with mathematics. Linear algebra problems in particular can be very challenging for students because it can be difficult to visualize. It's easy for the student to get discouraged when there are problems or concepts that they do not understand. However, linear algebra, commonplace in algebra 1 and algebra 2 classes, can be defeated.

Recognize the Signs

First, it's important to recognize when to seek help for your child with mathematics. If they've hit the subject of linear algebra problems in particular, and they keep coming to you for algebra help, they may be having trouble understanding the concept fully. In that case, it's crucial to be understanding and patient - we all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to education and we all look at things differently. Some people have their strong points in social studies, others have it in solving algebra equations. Most of us have experienced an "a-ha!" moment when something finally clicks, when it's explained in just the right way where we understand it. Sometimes it takes longer to solve algebra problems than it does to write an essay.

Secondly, it's important to ask your child what they think their needs are. If they're struggling, ask what you can do to help. Listening is half the battle to solving the equation. If your child hates math, talk to them about it. It's possible they don't hate the subject; perhaps it's just not being explained in a way that they understand. The last thing you want is for your child to develop a sort of "math phobia" and completely shut down to mathematics. Algebra especially is essential to learn since it often forms the foundation of future online math classes and will be referred back to often.

So, what can you do to help them with linear algebra problem?

Algebra is often used as a byword for math that nobody likes and frequently invokes "math anxiety," but it does not have to be that way. To solve the conundrum of linear algebra, there are a number of things you can do to help your child understand mathematics better.

Children often learn differently than we do, and so even if you try to help them yourself, sometimes they still won't understand the subject, which can lead to frustration and lack of motivation, in particular with algebra. As we discussed in some of our previous blogs, over 40 percent of students will require some math tutoring over the span of their learning journey. Hiring an online math tutor is extremely beneficial because your child's needs are analyzed and catered to on an individual basis. Often in classroom environments with many students, the teacher can only cater to the entire class. A few students who really need help often get passed over, not on purpose, of course, but more due to the lack of time available. If your child has already received a bad grade, they could already be demotivated. An algebra math tutor not only assists with subjects like algebra but also in re-motivating the student. This is where we come in. At 98thPercentile, we offer a 2 weeks' free trial to get your child up to speed on mathematics and algebra. Designed to get them a grade ahead of where they are now within just six months, it's the perfect option. There's no risk, and you'll see immediate improvement, guaranteed. Classes are online and are built around your schedule, so there's no hassle with planning to pick up or drop off your child from an after-school program.

Advantages of Hiring an Online Math Tutor:

The advantages of hiring an online tutor are numerous:
  • As we discussed, our schedule is structured around your schedule. This means there's no hassle for you or your child to be somewhere physically. You can pick whichever day or time works best for you.
  • Our tutors identify the needs of your child, including any shortcomings or concepts they did not understand from previous years. Early mathematics and algebra in particular, form the basis of future math that your child will use throughout their learning journey, and so it is extra important for them to have a solid understanding of these concepts. However, you can't form a solid foundation on unstable soil, so we work to solidify previous knowledge.
  • We make math fun. Combating "math anxiety" or "math phobia" starts with making things interesting. Instead of endlessly memorizing linear algebra equations that are abstract and may have no meaning to the student, our tutors make math fun. We talk in terms that students can understand.
  • Small class sizes. Unlike a traditional classroom environment in schools, our tutors teach in very small batches, ensuring that every student's needs are understood and cared for. They get personalized attention and, overall, a more solid education than big class sizes can provide.
At the end of the day, there's no need to worry if your child is having problems with math. Whether it's algebra 1 or 2, elementary or abstract algebra, it's a common problem for students of all ages to struggle with mathematics. Recognize the signs and talk to your child about their needs. Hiring a tutor is an excellent way to solve the equation. At 98thPercentile, we're here to help your child with math problems. Book a two-week' free trial today, at no risk to you. Our tutors work alongside common core standards and will identify your child's strengths and weaknesses and work with them to build confidence so they can solve linear algebra effortlessly. With us, your child will be a full grade ahead of where they are now in just six months, guaranteed.