Why does your child need a personal online Math tutor?

personal math tutor

Are you concerned that your child may be experiencing difficulties in math? If you are concerned, consider the following information from our Math teachers at 98thPercentile’s online after school math tutoring classes. Over 40% of students will require some math tutoring over the course of their math journey. Although this may worry parents greatly, it is not unusual. Students who have had zero issues with math may suddenly hit an area they struggle to understand. Often the reason a student experiences difficulties in math is due to gaps or missing information. It is understandable that students may forget a few things when you consider how much information they are expected to retain over many years of study.

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Think about it this way, mathematical concepts are learned on a continuum cumulatively. This means mathematics will become more difficult as information scaffolds or builds upon itself, year after year. From pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, students are expected to build their skills without attending a refresher course to fill in the gaps. Often students who may begin to struggle in math are left behind as the class moves forward. Online math tutoring can be very helpful for students during times where they experience doubts about skill gaps. This is why it is imperative that a student has an after-school online math tutor to guide them through their math journey. A good math tutor can mitigate the potential negative impact a poor math grade might have on overall scholastic performance. As a part of their job a tutor may be able to quickly diagnose the cause of a child’s math struggles by finding learning gaps.

Parents need to remember that a struggle does not mean a child is lacking in intelligence or motivation.  Also, it should be noted that a child does not need to be struggling in math to have an online after school math tutor. Rather, a math tutor is a resource to assist students with questions and doubts about new math concepts introduced. Often students may feel uncomfortable asking questions in a group setting. Working with an after school tutor may be the only opportunity a child has to ask questions in without stress. Math tutors are also a valuable resource in helping students with strategies for maintaining their math knowledge. Any new skill children learn should be introduced and practiced to maintain the cumulative knowledge necessary for continued mathematical learning. Ultimately, a good math tutor will help your child achieve higher test scores and grades thereby improving academic performance. There is no substitute for good academic performance which can open new opportunities for college. Ultimately, a good tutor-student relationship will go a long way toward building your child’s success in math. Try our free math classes trial today!

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