Fun Facts About Coding

Fun facts

Ever wondered how would it feel to know the language of computers? Yes, that is what coding is basically. And there are so many cool things to do with it. Coding can be rewarding as it is a futuristic field and lots of discoveries happen regularly. 

In the world of code, logic, and imagination come together, and surprises emerge! Beyond the specifics, coding is an exciting playground just waiting to be discovered. There are a ton of fascinating and amusing facts about coding that make the experience much more enjoyable. So, let’s delve into the world of programming and learn some interesting facts about coding.  

4 Interesting Facts About Coding  

Let us know some fun facts about coding that probably you are not accustomed to.   

Easter Eggs in abundance  

It may surprise you to learn that a lot of software developers include "Easter eggs," or secret surprises, in their works. These could be hidden mini-games or secret messages in your preferred apps or websites. It's whimsical and adds a touch of fantasy to the world of coding, much like a digital treasure hunt.  

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Tthe Bizarre Origins of Debugging  

Try to picture yourself having to debug a bug that you've found in your code. The word "debugging" came from a real bug in 1947—a moth that got stuck in a computer relay and caused a problem. Since then, the term "debugging" has taken hold as the standard for locating and resolving coding issues. What an odd start to things!  

The Globally Shifting Code  

Have you heard about the very first computer virus?  
It is known as the "Brain" virus, it was invented in 1986 by two brothers from Pakistan. Interestingly, its intended purpose was to track unauthorized software copies rather than to cause harm. Even though viruses these days are frequently harmful, this first one unintentionally launched the cybersecurity sector and demonstrated the power of code.  

 The Acoustic Aspect of Programming  

Coding might be a means of expressing creativity in addition to being a language of numbers and symbols. Consider the realm of live coding music, in which musicians create beats and melodies in real time using programming languages. It's a captivating blend of art and technology that shows that the creative possibilities of coding are endless.  

There is a story waiting to be found behind every line of code. These interesting facts about coding do make our minds wander into the coding realm.   

For those who are ready to explore, coding offers an extensive variety of surprises. Thus, the next time you set out on an adventure with code, don't forget to look for the unexpected—you never know where it can take you!   

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FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions)  

Q1: How can I help my child with coding?  

Ans: Many websites offer extensive programs on coding. 98thPecentile offers grade-appropriate projects and teaches various old and new programs. You can also develop your child’s interest by showing them videos on coding but remember to always verify the authenticity.   

Q2: How good is coding for my child?  

Ans: Learning to code offers a variety of opportunities. It is a new and futuristic field of study and possesses immense job scenarios. With digitalization, coding has gained extreme importance.  

Q3: Is it mandatory to learn coding in the future?  

 Ans: It is not mandatory to learn coding, but it will give an extra edge to the person. Also, coders are seen as smart individuals, so job opportunities are never an issue.    

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