Mastering SAT Math: Tips and Strategies for Success

Most of you might be aware of the fact that SAT math is one of the toughest sections in the SAT exam. If not, a student needs to comprehend the importance of this section first. So for this, we have mentioned the necessary understanding of the SAT Math exam.

  • A clear concept of the foundation with expected skills of solving the questions fast is required to clear SAT math with flying colors. It is challenging to clear the SAT math section, but with attention to basic formulas and methods of solving the questions in less time, it is possible to score sound marks.
  • SAT math section is divided into Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics in Math. The first two sections come in the general SAT examination, and the remaining is included in the advanced-level math examination.
  • The key to preparing for SAT math is perseverance, along with regular practice. Regular SAT exam practice, along with mock tests, can increase a student’s workout speed and reduce the time to solve the questions. So to attempt SAT math, students should have done adequate practice.
  • A student needs to evaluate and analyze their mistakes regularly after solving practice tests. Unless students don’t examine their mistakes and work on it, they can never attain a good score in SAT math. Yes, it would be best if they get the right preparations and strategies that can help them do wonders in SAT math.

How to Prepare for SAT Math

Keeping these into consideration we have mentioned below a few approaches which can help a student attain a good score in SAT math:

  • Divide the questions: To solve the problems better, a student first needs to divide the problems into three parts: Easy, medium, and challenging questions. First, attempt the more straightforward questions that a student can solve quickly and is confident about. Students can solve the easier questions in less time and switch to medium-level questions. Spend a considerable amount of time on medium-level questions as these can fetch you marks. Solve the equations and word problems with concentration and not in haste. When both these types of questions are done, students can switch on to tougher questions. Since these questions consume time, it's better to solve them at last as one has already completed a substantial number of problems.
  • Practice mock questions: Students need to solve SAT mock tests and analyze their progress. While solving practice tests, students can interpret their progress frequently. It would be best if they review their practice marks status regularly and make sure they are always on a climbing graph.
  • Formulas: It is vital to learn formulas while doing the SAT math practice. During the practice exams, if students have already mastered the formulas, it becomes easier for them to solve questions. Also, students must ensure that they do all the calculations without the use of calculators. Using a calculator while preparing for exams reduces mental math calculation speed and hence students take more time to solve questions.
  • Plugin answers: Many students use the long equations method to solve questions and get the right answer. Instead, if they know that the process they are using is lengthy to solve a question, they can directly search for the answer from the options provided. Try plugging in the answers given as options and tally the answers using those. Mostly, the answer is apparent from the available options, and students waste their time solving the whole question.


  • Estimates: Sometimes, questions related to area or geometry come in the SAT exam which takes up a lot of time to solve the question. In these types of questions, students can estimate the approximate area of the shaded region (for example) asked. Instead of looking at the details of the questions, sometimes basic tricks can help students procure marks in the exam.
  • Resources: A student must acquaint themselves wholly with the online and offline resources available. If they devote too much time to getting into the basics of the resources or material available, they will not be able to go through them properly. Students must ensure they are thorough with the available resources so that they have clarity on the concepts.

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