How to start preparing for the SAT Exam

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is one of the toughest exams in the world, and many aspirants are attempting the exam across various countries. The SAT is a comprehensive exam and includes subjects like Math, English, Reading, and language. Students fear the wide syllabus it has, the time it takes to read that entire syllabus, so it demands consistency, increased sitting power, and hard work to crack the SAT exam.

Students should always remember that they must perform well on the SAT exam to have their pick of colleges. But they still have a question pondering in mind when to start.

One cannot start 2 or 3 months before the SAT and be sure of cracking the SAT. If preparation is done from the very beginning of Junior school (11th grade), it becomes easier to grasp the syllabus and the format of the exam, giving them a better chance to crack the exam.

Moreover, a proper timetable and a few good tips for students will help them better overcome their anxiety about the exam. So we are sharing our best study tips and ways on how to prepare for the SAT. 

  • Read and concentrate more on non-fiction: 

SAT is all about reading. Students should inculcate the habit of reading non-fiction as it will increase their comprehension and reading speed. It even enhances their vocabulary, which is an important component of the SAT exam. Most students face the problem of getting exhausted while reading a long passage. They are unable to focus for a long span and their mind rambles while comprehending it. Reading books on a wide range of non-fiction topics right from the start is the best way to counteract the rambling mind.

  • Fine-tune your mental math: 

The more difficult part of the SAT exam is the math section. Students should practice sufficiently before the exam so that they can do mental math easily during the paper. A better way to remember formulas is to apply them mentally to get an answer. Doing mental math reduces the need to do paper calculations again and again. It reduces your time taken per question and helps you solve the SAT math section in less time.

  • Work on the Grammar section: 

Almost 50% of the verbal questions have grammar. For many students, it is difficult to brush up on this on their own. So we recommend students go for SAT coaching or SAT online materials for better knowledge of the grammar portion. If done perfectly, it is one of the easiest topics on the SAT, as it consumes less time to solve and is an easy scoring opportunity.

  • Use SAT prep materials wisely: 

Choosing the best SAT prep is important as not all available material is best for you. Students will have to choose the material according to their knowledge and needs. A student who is just beginning to prepare for the SAT can first refer to SAT comprehensive books and can then switch on to individual English, Maths, Reading, and Language books. The comprehensive books are for knowing the format, whereas individual books are for better knowledge of the subjects.

  • Take practice tests: 

Taking practice tests increases the calculation speed of students. Many of the students while practicing for the SAT do a particular section on a particular day. It is advisable that instead of preparing this way, studying a section from all the subjects will help them grasp the topics better and will not even create boredom. This will help them be well-prepared to take the SAT practice tests regularly.

  • Improve on weaknesses: 

After solving practice papers, a student should analyze and get to know his or her weak areas. So, the next measure for students should be to dedicate more attention and practice time to their weak topics. At the same time, students can improve on their strengths, but what matters is to eliminate the weak areas for a better score.

  • Manage free time: 

Many times we fall in a situation, where we can do nothing but just wait or pass our time. So by utilizing this precious time, students can revise their vocabulary flashcards on the phone, or do some mental math. Students can even opt for an online quiz which will save them time.

  • Register for the SAT: 

So once students are sure that they’re ready to take the exam, register for the SAT exam. Select a location near where you reside, as the exam is mostly conducted in the morning, so the students can avoid any last-minute rushes.

So, we recommend you follow the above tips if you are uncertain about how to begin your SAT preparations. 98thPercentile can help you better by providing a comprehensive course that covers quality content plus regular assessments. Live interactive sessions are a part of the website, which makes it effortless for students to clarify their doubts with a tutor then and there.

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