Importance of Olympiad, Competitive Exams, and Gifted Programs

Many limited enrollment schools require students to take admission tests and assessments to get enrolled in various programs. There are mainly two types of tests that assess students’ proficiency. These are known as Achievement tests and Ability tests. Achievement tests are academic-specific or standardized tests. Ability tests are used to assess the intelligence quotient among gifted and talented students. Tests like GRE, SAT, and the ACT assess the student’s readiness for programs at the collegiate level.Tests such as the SSAT and ISEE also help secondary school students get admission in the schools of their choice. These tests and assessments serve as a tool to identify students’ performance in relation to their peers.

Develops a Learners’ Attitude

Olympiads, competitive exams, and gifted program entrance exams are excellent ways to harness the quality of learners’ attitudes in children. Participating in these exams allows children to gather in-depth knowledge regarding the subject and prepare them for a great career ahead.

Students can Participate in National and International Level Exams

These exams are held annually at the national and international level allowing children from the nation and the globe to participate and compete with their peers. Every generation’s youth requires quality education. Olympiads are created to gather a future talent pool of young and bright minds. Since these exams have different levels, it gives a fair chance to students of all levels to exhibit their skills and competence.

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Analyze the Strengths and Weaknesses

Olympiads and competitive exams help students to sharpen their analytical skills. Students get to assess their power of reasoning, aptitude knowledge, and understanding regarding the core subject.It helps them in analyzing their subject strength and weaknesses and thus it builds the self-confidence in them necessary to tackle the problems.

Gifted Children Require to Take the Gifted Entrance Exam

Every child has a distinctive kind of learning style. Some of them could also be gifted, meaning they may require differentiated instruction as they grasp and pick up the concepts quicker than their classmates. They may also need to take a higher-grade class. In this scenario, gifted program entrance is needed for a child to be qualified for higher education. Learn more here about how a child gets into a gifted program.

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Learn the Application of Textbook Knowledge

Usually, the questions that are asked in the competitive exams are higher level application questions. So, children gain additional knowledge apart from the regular textbook knowledge. Besides all this, the Olympiads and competitive exams enable children to understand and apply the concepts that are taught in textbooks.

Develops the Character of Students

Most importantly, these exams also help develop a strong character in children which enables them to understand that every problem has a solution despite the challenges. These competitions prove beneficial as they strengthen the core topics and help in achieving good marks at school-based exams.

In this competitive world, preparing for these exams requires both speed and accuracy. It makes students come out of their comfort zone and take extra time out to prepare for these competitions. So, they will also learn the importance of time management skills.

Furthermore, it also helps uncover the hidden talents and skill set in the children. We should encourage students to take part in the competitive exams every year as it only increases their potential to achieve bigger things.

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SMART is a virtual math Olympiad conducted by 98thPercentile meant to enhance the skills required to ace competitive exams. The best part about this contest is NO COST REGISTRATION. We also conduct a practice session a day before the contest to make students familiar with the test-taking procedure. SMART provides a platform for students to prepare for more than 20 national standard exams, including TEA, STAR, and ITBS. Know more about the upcoming SMART Contest here.

Olympiads, competitive exams, and entrance tests help students in the skill-building necessary to boost their academic and non-academic growth. Students will benefit immensely from participation in these kinds of exams.

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