Is 98thPercentile Good?

When searching for an after-school online learning platform, parents want to ensure that the company they choose is not only a great educational program for their children, but also of the utmost financial value. 98thPercentile is a fast-growing, digital, educational company that is rapidly becoming the best online learning center in the USA. So, is 98thPercentile good? Let’s explore why 98thPercentile, for your child, is actually GREAT!

Is 98th Percentile Good

What is 98thPercentile?

98thPercentile’s e-learning program consists of live, online lessons taught by credentialed teachers in the subjects of English, math and coding. Class sizes max out at 4, so each student is given plenty of individualized attention that is often unfeasible in traditional schooling’s large class sizes.

As students proceed through their courses, teachers can gather individual data on each student that helps identify skill gaps or deficiencies they may have from earlier grade levels. As parents often seek out in-person or online tutoring to correct such issues, 98thPercentile offers a blended learning environment where students stay on track with their current grade level lessons while teachers work with them on improving previous skill deficiencies. It is a truly one-of-its-kind program that is launching student's grades ahead.

Is 98thPercentile Good for Math?

Math is one of those subjects that either evokes feelings of joy or fear within students. As we all know, math is a subject that requires mastery, as its everyday use in life is so abundant. A struggle that is often seen in traditional classrooms is that the trajectory of success in mathematics is dependent upon early acquisition of skills, and the student’s ability to build upon those skills to learn increasingly difficult concepts continually.

This is where 98thPercentile is so good: one of its major focuses is on filling skill gaps from previous grade levels. Filling those gaps and ensuring mastery of each skill in each grade level inevitably leads to student growth and success as they move forward.

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Is 98thPercentile Good for English?

English language arts is a vast subject. In the ELA curriculum, students learn skills in reading fluency and comprehension, writing, grammar, and all facets of communication. Literacy skills are critical for future success, and it is vital for students to receive enough exposure and instruction in these areas to feel confident as they proceed forward in their academic careers.

98thPercentile is good for English instruction as it offers an individualized perspective on students’ skills and areas of growth. For example, a teacher may realize that a student is strong in grammar but struggles with writing, so she chooses to focus on individual writing exercises for that student to bring those specific skills up.

Is 98thPercentile Good for Coding?

Coding is the way of the future. As one of the most highly sought-after e-learning coding companies, 98thPercentile is an excellent outlet for your child to practice these life skills. It has been estimated that a majority of professions in the future will require some type of coding background, so giving your child access to build, cultivate, and flourish with this skill is a gift to their future professional lives.

Our teachers are knowledgeable and patient and know how to explain programming in kid-friendly language to make the concepts accessible. Students get to completely tap into their creative sides and have fun utilizing the coding skills they’re learning each week in ways that interest them. What kid wouldn’t want to create their own video game, meme, or virtual robot?! And what parents wouldn’t want their kid to learn this, knowing that their logical thinking, rational decision-making and analytical skills are being fine-tuned?

Is 98thPercentile Good for Public Speaking?

Good communication is the backbone of any system. Public speaking is an essential skill necessary in every sphere of life, whether in school or the corporate world. Even in interpersonal relations, it is of utmost importance. Being a good speaker helps in building confidence. Yet, this valuable skill is not taught in school, making children wonder where and how to start learning this skill. Over time this leads to a skill gap.

At 98thPercentile we not only recognize public speaking as a crucial skill but also have a curriculum that is suitable for individualized learning. Our instructors are highly qualified to teach public speaking and driven to help children get over the fear of public speaking. The emphasis given on individualized learning helps children overcome the skill gap and make tremendous progress.

98thPercentile is GOOD!

Search no further. Immerse your child in English, math and coding classes and see not only their skills, but their confidence grow as they embark on this fun, educational journey. A student-centered approach, attention to skill gaps, individualized attention, engaging material and committed teachers are what make 98thPercentile stand out as the most fruitful after-school learning programs for kids today. Enroll today and see your child skyrocket grades ahead!

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