What Makes 98thPercentile Great?

When looking for an after school online learning platform, parents want to make sure that the firm they pick not only provides a quality educational program for their children, but also offers the best financial value. 98thPercentile is a rapidly expanding, digital educational organization that is quickly becoming the greatest online learning center in the United States. So, is the 98th percentile good? Let's look at why your child's 98th percentile is actually great!

Is 98th Percentile Good

Defining 98thPercentile

The 98thPercentile e-learning program comprises of live online sessions conducted by qualified teachers in English, arithmetic, and coding. Class sizes are limited to four, allowing for ample of individualized attention for each student, which is sometimes impossible in typical educational settings.

As students progress through their courses, teachers can collect specific data on each student to discover ability gaps or inadequacies from previous grade levels. As parents frequently seek in-person or online tutoring to address such concerns, 98thPercentile provides a blended learning environment in which kids remain on track with their current grade level studies while teachers work with them to improve earlier skill inadequacies. It is a genuinely one-of-a-kind program that propels students' grades higher.

Is the Math Program Good?

Math is one of those disciplines that may make pupils feel either happy or afraid. As we all know, math is a topic that demands understanding due to its widespread use in everyday life. A common challenge in traditional classes is that the trajectory of success in mathematics is based on early skill acquisition and the student's ability to continuously expand on those skills to acquire more harder subjects.

This is where 98thPercentile is so good: one of its major focuses is on filling skill gaps from previous grade levels. Filling those gaps and ensuring mastery of each skill in each grade level inevitably leads to student growth and success as they move forward.

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Is the English Program good?

English language arts is a broad field. The ELA curriculum teaches students about reading fluency and comprehension, writing, grammar, and other aspects of communication. Literacy skills are crucial for future success, and children must get adequate exposure and training in these areas to feel competent as they go through their academic careers.

98th percentile is beneficial for English training since it provides a customized view on students' skills and places for improvement. For example, a teacher may see that a kid is good in grammar but problems with writing, so she decides to focus on particular writing assignments for that student to improve those specific abilities.

Is the Coding Program good?

Coding is the future. As one of the most sought-after e-learning coding firms, 98thPercentile provides a fantastic opportunity for your youngster to practice essential life skills. It is anticipated that the majority of future jobs will require some level of coding experience, thus providing your child the opportunity to create, cultivate, and thrive with this talent is a gift to their future professional existence.

Our teachers are experienced and patient, and they know how to explain programming in kid-friendly language to make the principles understandable. Students may fully express their creative sides and have fun applying the coding skills they're learning each week in ways that interest them. What kid wouldn’t want to create their own video game, meme, or virtual robot?! And what parents wouldn’t want their kid to learn this, knowing that their logical thinking, rational decision-making and analytical skills are being fine-tuned?

Is the Public Speaking Program good?

Effective communication is the foundation of any system. Public speaking is a critical talent in all aspects of life, including education and the workplace. It is extremely important in interpersonal relationships. Being an excellent speaker helps to boost confidence. However, this vital ability is seldom taught in schools, leaving students wondering where and how they might begin acquiring it. Over time, this results in a skill gap.

At 98thPercentile we not only recognize public speaking as a crucial skill but also have a curriculum that is suitable for individualized learning. Our instructors are highly qualified to teach public speaking and driven to help children get over the fear of public speaking. The emphasis given on individualized learning helps children overcome the skill gap and make tremendous progress.

98thPercentile is THE one-stop Solution!

Search no further. Immerse your child in English, math, public speaking and coding classes and see not only their skills, but their confidence grow as they embark on this fun, educational journey. 98thPercentile is a very effective after-school learning program for children due to its student-centered approach, focus on skill gaps, personalized attention, captivating content, and dedicated teachers. Enroll now and see your child's grades improve significantly!

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