Paving the Way to the Peak: The Ivy League

The Ivy League

When we step into an unknown place, the first thing we do is open a map and look at the route to understand where we are. Similarly, if you are a student stepping into the world of the IVY League, or a parent wanting to provide a clear path for your child to start early, then this article is for you. Here, you will find the roadmap to kick-start your IVY League journey.  

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Peep into IVY League: What you need to know? 

Universities which are in the Northeastern US fall under the category of Ivy League. Primarily IVY League schools are a collective of athletic conferences that put together eight prestigious and elite colleges with great history. The list goes like this: 

  • Princeton University 
  • Harvard University 
  • Yale University 
  • University of Pennsylvania  
  • Brown University  
  • Columbia University 
  • Cornell University 
  • Dartmouth College 

To run into these halls of renowned institutions one should be an all-rounder and best at various fields right from excelling in academics to giving the best at extra circular activities along with spell-binding communication skills. Anyone who dreams of getting into IVY League schools should be able to ace multiple areas. But the only question is how can it be achieved. Learn how with the "98thPercentile: Cracking the Code to Your Child’s IVY League Journey" Webinar. 

Academics to Activities: IVY League components 

Every student goes through a phase of thinking about how to excel in various areas starting from achieving academic excellence to getting letters of recommendation for admission into Ivy League school. Key areas that students should focus on include: 

  • Exploring a wide range of courses: Students should choose courses that challenge them beyond academics. For example, they could participate in curriculum activities outside their academic subjects, such as learning a new language or developing public speaking skills. 
  • Grades: One of the primary factors for any student is to keep good grades in their academic records. So, focusing on challenging subjects like solving math problems and developing coding skills right from an early age can benefit the student in their long-term preparation. 
  • Test scores: The SAT and ACT scores act like a competitive advantage for the students and give them an edge while they are part of fierce competition. So, preparing for these tests from an early age will create a favorable atmosphere for kids. 
  •  Extra-curricular activities: The majority of Ivy League applicants present themselves as well-rounded individuals by participating in various activities, be it math quizzes, hackathons, debate competitions, music, or sports. Therefore, every student should focus on challenging their abilities beyond academics. 
  • Letters of Recommendation: This is a crucial factor in the student phase as they connect with their teachers and share stories about what projects they have worked on throughout their academic times and share learning experiences. Every student tries to master speech skills interact with their teacher and get their letters. 

The Ivy League

When is the right time to start? 

We all know the phrase 'The early bird catches the worm,' spotlighting that starting early helps in building the skills and confidence needed to achieve the final goal. Therefore, students should be well-prepared before beginning the college application process. 

Understanding the admission requirements and thoroughly preparing by enrolling in helpful courses that can serve as the backbone of a student's profile over time. Students should explore new challenging courses, participate in hackathons, excel as a Mathlete, and build public speaking skills with strong confidence in their speech. Awaiting to quickly master these skills? Start right away 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1: What are the admission requirements for the IVY League? 
Ans: The requirements for IVY League are to maintain Standard test scores, Participate in Extracurricular activities, maintain consistent academic grades, getting letters of recommendation. 

Q2: When should I start Ivy League preparation?
Ans: Building a solid foundation and focusing on strengths as early as possible will add an advantage for the student when he enters high school and is ready to take the SAT/ACT

Q3: What are Extracurricular activities required for IVY League schools?  
Ans: Around 25% of admissions are determined based on extra-curricular activities done by students outside the classroom. Doing a ton of community service work, focusing on music being part of sports, and taking up challenging activities like learning a language, all these add to extra-curricular activities.

Q4: Should I take advanced courses and AP classes?
Ans: Taking advanced courses like AP (Advanced Placement) can strengthen your college application. However, it is essential to strike a balance and not overwhelm yourself. Choose classes that align with your interests and strengths.

Q5: How does early preparation help students for the IVY League?
Ans: Early preparation for Ivy League admissions gives students a competitive edge by allowing them to build strong academic foundations, develop leadership skills, and thoroughly research their target schools. It also provides time for improvement, networking opportunities, and thoughtful essay development, increasing their chances of success.

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