Unlocking Young Minds: How to Develop Apps for Free with 98thPercentile

The app development world is a lucrative one, and it's growing a little more every day. Whether your child has some experience in coding or even if they are just starting, there are tons of ways to make use of intricately coded apps. One way is by selling them in the App Store and Google Play Store. However, if you're looking for a way for your child to learn how to develop an app without spending any money then this article is especially for you!

Table of Contents

  • What is so cool about learning how to develop an app?

  • Develop an app with no code for children

  • Create stunning websites and apps

  • Coding boosts problem-solving skills

  • Coding boosts cognitive skills


learn to code with 98thpercentile

What's so cool about learning how to develop an app?

There are many benefits when it comes to learning something new that can help your child in real-life situations like getting a job when they are older or even being proficient in cognitive abilities beginning now. This article explores a variety of benefits of learning web development skills at a young age, including real-world applications beyond technology. If your child is eager to get started learning from home, you must check out 98thPercentile, and dive into the free-of-cost resources that they have to offer. Including up to 2 WEEKS OF FREE TRIAL CLASSES.

Make an app on your own (No Prior Experience Required)

  • Download the DIY Kit (eBook + Video Tutorial)

  • Watch the DIY video tutorial

  • Read the eBook

  • Build your own app

Create stunning websites and Apps

Creating a website or blog for free is possible, but it takes time and effort. There certainly are some websites that allow their users to code without any proper knowledge or experience. Most parents consider extracurricular activities for their children from an early age. Dance, music, soccer, and band are a few to name. The first notion a parent has when it comes to enrolling their child in some place that would heighten their skill levels and improve their IQ and reasoning abilities is strangely enough not to teach them the language of programming!

image recognizer app

Since the big boom of Silicon Valley and biographies like The Social Network and Snowden, there’s been a widely inquisitive desire in people’s minds to explore coding and programming as a profession. Among parents, teaching a child to code and be self-sufficient has been spreading like wildfire. Universities like MIT and Harvard are getting more difficult each day to get in with the skyrocketing competitive segments. It is necessary now more than ever to adapt to the changing streams. On average, more than 80% of the jobs that exist in the market will cease to exist till early 2030! Do you think your child has the skills to cope?

In this increasingly tech-savvy and digital world, most parents want their children to learn to code and become tech genius or even in simpler terms computer literate; and why shouldn’t they? Learning to code for children doesn’t just set students up for greater career opportunities later on in life; it also provides a plethora of soft skills and benefits. But when should they start learning, you ask? Well, there’s no better time than now.

Coding Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Let’s be crystal clear, who doesn’t want to learn to create an app for free? Coding without any doubt is one of the most on-the-point methods for children to boost their problem-solving skills.

But before we dive into more pressing subjects, let’s take a step back and understand that coding games and coding apps for free are skills that each child should be well versed in. At its simplest definition, problem-solving refers to a person’s ability to tackle complex or novel situations effectively and efficiently. Someone with well-honed problem-solving skills develops chief skill sets such as creativity, emotional intelligence, data interpretation, app development, and decision-making in a cohesive manner so to speak.

In the coding context, developers are consistently challenged by and are asked to troubleshoot complex errors. This practice prepares and instills them into breaking issues down into more manageable sub-problems, then progresses through an iterative process of identifying, prioritizing, and implementing solutions. Thus, children start gaining their problem-solving skills as soon as they take on their first coding challenge. In this case by creating an app for free. From learning how to code to, acing academics 98thPercentile has got your child covered.

Coding Boosts Cognitive Skills

Building Apps from scratch and in this case building a face recognizer application with 98thPercentile will boost a child’s cognitive abilities. What are cognitive abilities you ask? To break it up cognitive abilities are the skill sets that a person has in them to help them break up complex data and derive suitable and justifiable outcomes. How to develop an app you ask? Well, 98thPercentile’s free Image Recognizer app is providing one such chance to board the boat of skill development for young minds. It is believed that children as young as 6 can extremely benefit from opportunities like such to engage in boosting cognitive skills for a better understanding of the aspects related to developing a broader spectrum of understandability reasoning and computational thinking. Children can begin by simply watching the detailed DIY video and thereby following the free e-book and coding app for free on their systems. Through this process, learners can be guided through increasingly complex algorithmic thinking activities that are built from their tacit knowledge and excitement about app creation.”

image recognizer app

98thPercentile is an e-learning website that teaches its learners Math & Coding (Grades 1-8). The e-learning giant helps its learners accelerate their curriculum in less than 6 months. The curriculum is designed around the Common Core State Standards.


Having young minds learn to code will not only help them develop problem-solving skills but will also help them become more confident. Beginner-friendly coding exercises such as the DIY Image Recognizer app will help them understand their liking and appetite for coding. This will further help them take more complex coding challenges and then, the sky is the limit.

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