Taking the SAT in Middle school

Let’s begin with a question for our readers.

What is the SAT Exam, and why is it considered such an essential aspect in a child's higher studies?

No worries, we just wanted clarity on how important these two questions are before proceeding further. So to begin with we prefer to give you an idea about this.

The SAT is one of the most standardized exams in the world, and SAT score plays a decisive role for admissions into good international colleges around the globe. Most of the students around the world from various countries take up this exam to get admission to a good and reputed college. Furthermore, students prefer to take the SAT exam in high school, where they consider themselves to be knowledgeable enough to complete one of the world's toughest exams. Since various topics of complicated math, logical reasoning, English are involved; students usually take up the SAT when they are convinced that they are prepared enough for each subject and they have gone through the course fully along with the SAT practice test.

The question of when to take up the SAT is a highly complicated one, and many students fall prey to the wrong answer. Some try to take it too early, and some take it too late. The solution to this question varies according to the learning potential of a student. Those students who are good enough to crack it and want an edge over other students can take it up early. However, if a student wants admission in a college based on SAT score, he or she should keep in mind that the SAT score is valid only for five years and also the fact that colleges want to assess the abilities of students based on their current performance. Taking the SAT in middle school is a distinct and robust experience for students. 

So with deep thought, we have mentioned below some upsides and downsides which students and parents need to consider while taking up the exam in middle school.

Preparation and understanding the need for the SAT: Those students who have covered a significant number of topics and taken the SAT practice test right should be ready to take up the exam. Students must comprehend the exam as a fundamental part of their studies, not as an obstacle. SAT examiners check the level of students according to their age groups and do not compare them with higher-level students.

sat in middle school

  • Dedicated time for Practice: Practice and familiarity is the key to success on the SAT. Those students who have studied and practiced well on the topics should attempt it at an early stage. For those who require more learning about the exam pattern and questions can take up free SAT prep courses online for better familiarity.
  • Mock test for a better experience of questions: Many parents believe that taking up the SAT exam in 6th grade can bring clarity in their child’s mind on the types of questions they will face. So further, when they take the SAT exam in junior school for college admissions, they will have an upper hand among the rest. We believe the6th grade SAT practice test is an advantage for ambitious parents and students who wish to crack the exam early.
  • Enrollment for special programs: Many prestigious colleges take up special programs for students who have taken up the SAT early. They offer summer programs to talented students and help them reach higher goals. For those who wish to clear the SAT first can look for best online SAT prep with which they can manage both their academics and the SAT exam side by side.
  • Increased mental pressure: Though there are many advantages of taking the SAT exam early, like a better ray for the future with the right amount of practice, yet it increases the mental pressure on students. The complexity of questions is challenging for students at such a tender age. And they eventually feel overburdened and start losing their interest in studies.

Taking the SAT in Middle school

  • Require outside classroom study: One of the main disadvantages of taking the SAT in middle school is that teachers in the classroom don't emphasize this exam so early. They are more concerned about the textbook studies according to the prescribed syllabus. So the preparation for the SAT has to be done outside the classroom, which takes up extra efforts of students.
  • Not relevant for college admissions: Taking the SAT so early is not advisable if you intend to take admission in colleges based on SAT score in middle school. The SAT score is valid only for five years; hence taking it up so early would spoil the very purpose.

The SAT exam needs due consistency and practice on the part of students. If they are confident enough about their performance, they should opt for the SAT in middle school. Once your child is prepared to dedicate time and effort to the SAT, 98thPercentile can help students to advance further in the schedule at a faster rate. Otherwise, they should give enough time to themselves to hone their skills and become better. Try our free trial classes today!