When to start preparing for SAT

The SAT is one of the toughest and a highly conceptual based examination, which analyses the intelligence of a student. It is an examination based on which admission to many reputed colleges across the globe is decided. SAT assesses a student’s grammar, reading skills, logical reasoning, and mental maths. Preparation of SAT can be easy for those who are consistent with their studies but arduous for those who are unable to devote daily efforts. One needs to realize that regular practice with the help of a tutor and online SAT practice test is essential to get command over the various topics. So the next question that arises is, When to start preparing for SAT? 

When to start preparing for SAT

Some of the tips to decide when to start preparing for SAT are:

  • Junior school: The 11th grade, also known as a junior school, is the best time when a student can start the preparation for the SAT exam. This is an age perfect to comprehend things precisely and learn things at a good pace. Two focused years is enough to get a hold on the study.
  • Regular and intensive reading: The best time to start the preparation for the SAT exam is when one can read extensively. While for some people it is easier to comprehend the long passages with deep meaning, and for others it is difficult. So when one has a definite understanding of passages, that’s the perfect age for one to start preparing for the SAT exam. Broadening one’s mind by reading extensive materials is a comprehensive way to achieve this.

  • Online SAT preparation tests: A student should start preparing for the SAT when he or she can devote substantial time to solve practice papers, and to take preparation tests. Many aspirants read the theoretical part but do not address the mock tests. This leads to a lack of understanding on their part, and the student ends up failing in the exam. It is essential to undertake regular test series to boost practice. Free SAT prep courses online are the best to review your progress regularly. It also helps one identify the pattern of questions and preparation level. A student can search online for the best online SAT prep courses for cracking the SAT.
  • Aptitude for the SAT: A set of analytical and logical skills are required to solve the SAT exam. It is vital that the parent or teacher gets to identify the talent of the student well in advance and recognize whether he or she can face that competitive level of the SAT. The mentor should start the preparation of the SAT, only when the aptitude of the student is developed. He or she should be able to read extensively, do maths regularly, and understand science thoroughly to be able to sit in the SAT exam.
  • Mental Maths: Mental maths is very crucial in the SAT exam. The student should practice mental maths from the very beginning of their studies if they want to appear on the SAT. The student can start preparation as and when he/she is certain that they can perform quick mental maths in the exam.

Each and every aspiring student should realize that the preparation for the SAT is not the task of a single day. It needs considerable time and hard work on the part of the student. They need to develop the required skills eventually. The young mind broadens at a slow pace, and hence, the knowledge of the topics of the SAT exam is not a matter of a day or two, but years. That particular aptitude level required for the SAT should be taught from the very beginning. The student should practice comprehension reading by reading newspapers, novels, and non-fiction. They should prohibit the use of calculators and understand the “why” of science properly. The SAT exam is not strenuous, but it needs due sitting power and concentration to crack it.

So to start with your SAT preparation, we recommend you take note of these important points:

  • Begin with the SAT practice tests when you begin with your eleventh class to get a starting score.
  • Fix a target SAT score based on the average SAT score at the most ambitious school on the list of your shortlisted colleges.
  • Take your SAT exam in September-October, so that if you do not attain your target score, you can retake the SAT exam in April-May.

The intensity of your preparation varies based on your target school’s average score and the timing of when you start your SAT preparation. So begin your preparation well in advance to have a gradual study schedule without any stress. Try our free trial class today!