15 Creative Summer Prompts for Young Writers

summer activities for Kids

Summers are meant for experiments. It is the time of year for students to enjoy their relaxing time and explore their creative side. Some students try outdoor sports, few others fly on trips whereas some students make a hobby of painting or writing. All these young explorers try out new things every summer, but ever wondered what are the best summer activities for kids?

Writing tops the list. Children write their journals and treasure their memorable moments in the pages. Writing is fascinating because all the emotions and clear thoughts are penned down on paper. But sometimes students can be out of ideas and might be wondering what to write! Here are a few ideas for all the young writers.

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15 writing prompt ideas to cook up stories for kids:

  1. Write about your favorite summer vacation or go to your destination and describe what you like about it.
  2. List the activities you want to do in the summer.
  3. What is your favorite summer memory? Describe if it is a place, you visited or experienced a new culture.
  4. Think about any summer camp adventure and write a thriller story about it.
  5. What is the road trip you took in the summer and describe if you came across any strange incidents on that trip.
  6. Write about your favorite Disney movie that you watched and made you emotional.
  7. Describe your day at an amusement park or water park and write about all the rides you went on.
  8. Narrate a fictional story with you as the main character in it.
  9. Write about a book you read during summer and describe what caught your attention.
  10. Create a summer song for yourself.
  11. Describe summer in 3 words.
  12. Write about your perfect summer day from sunrise to sunset.
  13. Write about your favorite meal recipe that your mother makes in a step-by-step process.
  14. Write about your summer friend whom you met by coincidence but then became your special treasure.
  15. What is your favorite summer TV show or movie and describe why it is your favorite.

Young brains are hubs for creative ideas. When guidance is provided at the right time by the right people these young ones will create wonders. If you are checking for the right guide who can support, your child with the storytelling and writing journey then 98thPercentile would like to introduce you to the elite curriculum for English designed by experts in the field.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions):

Q.1. How can I help my kids write in the summer?
Ans) One way is to give them a few summer prompts for writing. This can help them come up with creative ideas and cook up stories.

Q.2. Are summer prompts limited to children?
Ans) Anyone can use summer prompts. Teachers, students, writers, and anyone who wants to practice writing.

Q.3. How can summer writing help my child?
Ans) Summer writing is all about treasuring the moments you spent in summer in pages. Apart from that it helps to improve writing and encourage creativity.

Q.4. Is there any good summer school program for writing?
Ans) 98thPercentile provides the best live online English classes for kids which helps students improve their writing skills through guided writing classes.

Q.5. Can I share my writing with my friends and family?
Ans) Yes, you can share writing with anyone. By sharing your writing, you will get feedback and encouragement.

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