How to Find Affordable Private Tutors in the US?

affordable private tutors

Do you feel your child needs an extra push when it comes to academics? Or the fact that they need a more comprehensive and one-on-one interaction for proper knowledge? You can try out private tutoring for your child. There are many online and offline private tutors available in the USA. The average hourly rate of offline tutoring is around $15-80 per hour.  

There are online options too like 98thPercentile who have grade accelerated programs in Math, coding, ELA, and public speaking. These have a monthly payment system and small group personalized classes. 

Finding Affordable Private Tutors 

Finding an affordable private teacher in the United States does not have to be difficult. Here are some basic strategies to help you discover the ideal tutor while staying within your budget. 
  • Check Local Colleges and Universities: Many colleges and universities provide tutoring programs in which students or teachers provide their services at a reduced fee. Ask local institutions if they can recommend somebody.

  • Use Online Tutoring Platforms: To locate someone who fits your budget, you can filter by subject, price, and tutor rating. Websites like 98thPercentile have specific programs they cater to and a range of expert tutors who can help your child master the subjects efficiently.

  • Look for Community Programs: Community centers, libraries, and non-profit groups frequently provide free or low-cost tutoring. Check out these local resources to discover what is available. 

  • Request Recommendations: Often, the best tutors are discovered by word of mouth. Ask friends, relatives, and teachers if they know of any affordable private tutors.

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  • Try Group Tutoring: Group tutoring sessions are typically less expensive than one-on-one sessions. Gather a small group of students who require assistance in the same topic and split the expense of a tutor. Online tuitions are also good for children who want customized learning along with the flexibility of learning from home at a convenient time. 98thPercentile is a great e-learning platform that offers after-school enrichment programs in Math, coding, ELA, and public speaking.

  • Bargain Rates: Do not be scared to talk about your budget with possible tutors. Some may provide sliding scale costs or be prepared to reduce their rates, particularly if you commit to numerous sessions.

  • Use Online Forums and social media: Many websites provide sections where tutors can promote their services. Contacting tutors directly can often result in good deals.

  • Use Free Resources: Consider using free resources such as YouTube, and educational apps. These can enhance your education and lessen the need for paid tutoring. Though the topics may be generic and 

  • Online classes: There are many affordable online classes that provide programs on specific subjects at nominal rates. Students can greatly benefit from such online learning platforms. Check out 98thPercentile for more knowledge.

By following these guidelines, you can locate a tutor who is both affordable and meets your needs. Effective tutoring is accessible to all with a little investigation and work. Visit for more information.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: Define private tutoring. 

Ans- The practice of receiving educational skills and support in return for pay from a teacher or other knowledgeable individual is known as private tutoring.  

Q.2: How costly is private tutoring in USA? 

Ans- On an hourly basis, the average remuneration is from $15- $80 depending upon the grade, subject, and area. 

Q.3: How many types of private tutoring are there? 

Ans- There is online and offline private tutoring. 

Q.4: Are there free resources available online? 

Ans- Yes, free resources are there but they are mostly generic and do not focus on personalized attention. 

Q.5: What are the major benefits of tutoring? 

Ans- Personalized attention, acceleration, in-depth knowledge, grasp of the subject, confidence boost and consistency are some benefits of private tutoring. 

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