Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0: A Spell-Binding Competition

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Buzz… buzz… buzz… Wondering what is the buzz about?

98thPercentile is back with its enthralling and captivating competition Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0. So, all the students across USA who are in grade 1-7, buckle up and join this fun-filled competition.

Get ready for an exciting spelling showdown and indulge in healthy competition with peers from all across the country. Let Kahoot’s magic captivate you as you put on your competitive hats and take on the Spelling Bee words Kahoot 7.0 like a pro.

Join the super-cool competition by registering for free now and get a chance to win rewards and scholarships of up to $1500. Use the Unique Kahoot ID and zoom link to take part in the online contest on August 10-11, 2024. It will be conducted in 3 categories- Early Spellers (grades 1-2), Rising Spellers (grades 3-4) and Super Spellers (grades 5-7).

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How is Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Beneficial for your Child?

What genuinely distinguishes the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition is its capacity to fascinate young minds with the power of words. Our goal is to instill love of language in our students while also encouraging academic performance. Participating in this challenge will improve not only your spelling ability, but also your cognitive skills, memory, and critical thinking.

  • Spell-skills: The Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition is the perfect opportunity to test your spelling skills. You may showcase your linguistic skills by tackling a variety of hard terms. Participating allows you to find areas for development and hone your spelling skills.
  • Expansion of Vocabulary: A large vocabulary is the key to efficient communication and success in many areas of life. This challenge will introduce you to a wealth of new terms while teaching you their spellings, definitions, and use. This will help you express yourself more boldly and clearly.
  • Encourage Healthy Competition: Healthy competition is necessary for personal growth and development. The Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition allows you to challenge yourself and compete with individuals who share your love for words. Engage in friendly competition, learn from one another, and share the pleasures of intellectual study.
  • Rewards: Participate in the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition and receive individual recognition and prizes. By demonstrating your spelling abilities, you might gain appreciation for your hard work and perseverance. In addition, the best performers will get interesting prizes such as certificates of success, trophies, and unique gifts.
  • Develop Confidence: The Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition is more than simply a spelling bee; it is also an opportunity to boost confidence and self-esteem. As you encounter and overcome new problems, you will feel a feeling of success, which will increase your self-esteem. These vital abilities will outperform the competition and serve you well in all future pursuits.
  • Convenience is crucial: Entering the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition has never been easier! The entire tournament takes place online, allowing you to demonstrate your abilities from the comfort of your own home. This removes the need for travel and provides flexibility to students with hectic schedules.
  • Exposure: 98thPercentile's Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition brings together contestants from all around the world, providing global exposure. Joining this event will provide you the opportunity to collaborate with students from various cultures, backgrounds, and outlooks.

spelling bee words

To summarize, the Spell-Binding Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition, hosted by 98thPercentile, is an exceptional chance for kids in grades 1-7 to immerse themselves in the world of words, develop their vocabulary, and improve their spelling abilities. Participating in this online competition will not only test your academic abilities, but it will also teach you vital life qualities like confidence, critical thinking, and healthy competitiveness.


We invite you to use this unique platform to demonstrate your language abilities, learn from your peers, and receive acknowledgment for your efforts. Whether you are a seasoned wordsmith or just getting started with spelling, this challenge is geared toward students of all ability levels.


So, Students across the USA in grades 1-7 put on your thinking caps and make the dictionary your best friend. Learn the remarkable spellings and BEE-come the next Spell whizz with Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0. Embark on this unique adventure and hone your vocabulary skills and learn the power of words. Let your spell-binding abilities shine as you spell your way to success. Register today and open the door to a world of possibilities!


Remember that the competition is about more than simply winning prizes; it's about personal development, making friends, and instilling a lifetime love of language. We look forward to welcome you to this exciting event when words come to life and aspirations take flight. May your Spell Bee Competition experience be filled with enchantment, excitement, and limitless learning possibilities.


Don't miss this chance to become part of the spectacular journey. Join us in the Spelling Bee Kahoot 7.0 Competition, on August 10 and 11, and let the spell-binding adventure begin


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