Number Ninja benefits While Preparing for STAAR Test

Number Ninja benefits

Have you heard of Number Ninja? If not, here is what you need to know as it can considerably help your child prepare for STAAR test, especially since STAAR math advantages can be seen a lot. Number Ninja helps make STAAR Math test preparation simpler and more fun.  

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STAAR Math Advantages with Number Ninja 

Number Ninja is an educational application that has Math-based games for children in different grade levels. It helps students to learn and practice Math concepts while having fun.  

  • Enjoyable Learning- Math learning is enjoyable with Number Ninja. It keeps you interested in a format similar to a game. Learning is more likely to stick with you and become a regular practice when it feels like a game.

  • Simple to Utilize- The app is basic and user-friendly. To use its capabilities, you don't have to be tech-savvy. Simply launch the app, select a level, and begin to practice.

  • Versatile Method- You can concentrate on the areas where you most need assistance by using Number Ninja. You can select activities that focus on those particular skills if you find it difficult to solve fractions or geometry. This individualized practice expedites your improvement. 

  • Monitoring Progress- Progress tracking is one of Number Ninja's best features. The application monitors your progress and displays your improvement. This encourages you to keep going by enabling you to see your progress.

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  • Increases Confidence- Your confidence will increase as you practice and witness improvements in your results. You'll experience reduced anxiety and increased preparedness for the STAAR Math exam. To perform well on any exam, confidence is essential.

  • Easy Learning- Number Ninja is available anywhere, at any time. You can fit in some fast arithmetic practice while you're waiting for an appointment, at home, or on the bus. It is simpler to integrate studying into your hectic schedule thanks to this convenience. 

  • Levels of Engagement- Various degrees of difficulty are available on the app. As you gain proficiency, you can advance to more difficult puzzles from the beginning. This steady rise in difficulty aids in the development of a solid mathematical foundation. 

There are several Number Ninja benefits that helps to be ready for the STAAR Math test. It tracks your progress, boosts confidence, and makes studying enjoyable. You can become an expert in STAAR test Math with consistent practice. You can also gain desired results by enrolling your child with the 98thPercentile’s Math program. Check out their 2-weeks free trial classes now.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: What is Number Ninja? 

Ans- One online app that fits under the area of game-based learning is Number Ninja. It improves mathematical abilities.  

Q.2: Where can I download Number Ninja? 

Ans- Number Ninja is available on Android and IOS both. 

Q.3: What does Number Ninja help in? 

Ans- It helps to enhance Math skills and helps prepare for STAAR test Math.  

Q.4: Why does Number Ninja have different levels? 

Ans- Number Ninja has different levels of difficulty depending upon efficiency and proficiency. 

Q.5: Is playing Number Ninja free? 

Ans- Although some of Number Ninja's levels may require payment, the software is meant to assist students become more proficient mathematicians. 

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