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If you are aware of the STAAR test, you know it stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. Now you must be wondering what it has to do with Number Ninja or how can we improve STAAR Math scores with it. Let me get to that in a moment. 

At 98thPercentile we have an extensive Math program that caters to all the academic needs of the student on the said subject matter. Not only do we have our own worksheets etc, but we explore different ways for the maximum benefit of the student. So, let me tell you how Number Ninja helps with STAAR test. 

Number Ninja STAAR Success Secrets 

Number Ninja is an educational app to enhance Math skills. It is a game-based platform that makes learning Math concepts interesting and fun. Based on the grade and proficiency, the difficulty level is set. It can be downloaded for free but some in-app purchases might be there.  

Students can enhance their mathematical proficiency and raise their STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) scores with the help of Number Ninja, an engaging and multimedia math curriculum. Number Ninja makes learning pleasurable and efficient by transforming math practice into an exciting and engaging recreational activity. 

So, let us know how your child can improve their STAAR Math scores with the help of Number Ninja. 

  • Interesting Topics- All of the important math topics covered in the STAAR test are covered in a range of lessons provided by Number Ninja. To keep students engaged, games and challenges are incorporated into every lesson plan to make them participatory. This method improves information retention and creates a fun learning environment for arithmetic students.

  • Tailored Education- Number Ninja's flexibility in meeting the requirements of individual students is one of its best advantages. Each student's skills and shortcomings are evaluated by the computer, which then adjusts the lessons accordingly. By ensuring that students receive the assistance they require in the areas where they struggle the most, this individualized approach promotes more successful learning. 

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  • Play and Review- Acquiring proficiency in mathematics requires consistent practice. To assist students in learning from their mistakes, Number Ninja offers a ton of practice problems along with quick feedback. To help students retain the material over time, the curriculum also incorporates review sessions that serve to reinforce previously learned topics.

  • Monitoring Progress- There are tools in Number Ninja for monitoring the children’s development. With the help of this feature, teachers, parents, and students may assess the progress made and understand areas that might require additional attention. Students remain motivated when they can see the results of their hard work through progress tracking.

  • Fun and Inspiration- Maintaining student motivation is essential for successful learning. Learning arithmetic may be made enjoyable and fulfilling by using Number Ninja's incentives and rewards, such as obtaining badges and points. Students are motivated to continue honing their abilities and practice thanks to this gamified method. 

A useful resource for raising students' STAAR math results is Number Ninja. Students can develop their arithmetic abilities in an enjoyable and efficient manner by providing them with interesting lessons, tailored learning, lots of practice, and progress tracking. Try Number Ninja to improve STAAR math scores. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: What is Number Ninja? 

Ans- It’s an online app for game-based learning especially in Math. 

Q.2: Where can I download Number Ninja? 

Ans- Number Ninja is available in the Play Store on Android and iOS. 

Q.3: What does Number Ninja help in? 

Ans- It helps to improve STAAR Math scores and form Math concepts.  

Q.4: What is STAAR test? 

Ans- The STAAR test is State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness which checks children’s proficiency in certain subjects. 

Q.5: Is playing Number Ninja free? 

Ans- Yes, mostly but may have in-app purchases. 

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