8 Best Outdoor Classes to Learn Math this Summer

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1,2,3,4,5 or I, II, III, IV, V which is correct in Roman numbers? Amy had 5 chocolates and gave 2 to Damon. How many chocolates does Amy have now? What is the shape of pizza? What is the shape of a pizza slice? All these questions raise curiosity within young minds when they are beginning their math learning journey.  

To help these curious little ones Summer always has something new for them like math challenges. These challenges and puzzles add fun to their learning process and improve their numerical skills.  

Summer math challenges with 98thPercentile can bring more joy only when done outside the classroom. Children are presented with many real-life examples where math could be learned in practice, In addition to this students also join summer camps and summer school programs to enrich their knowledge in numbers. 

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Math Classes Outside Classroom:  

Math is everywhere! The shape of the pizza is a circle, the number of teeth a human has is 32, the dog has 4 legs, there are 2 trees in the garden, minute hand in the clock is ticking clockwise. In all these observations there is one common point which is math. The numbers, the geometry, the shape everything is math. Here are a few activities with which students can learn math and enjoy at the same time. 

  • Learn numbers with nature: Go on a number hunt in nature, collect leaves and sticks gather all the collectives, and count them.  
  • Arithmetic learning with chalk walk: Use chalk and draw grids that have simple equations to solve. By jumping and hopping on the boxes the child is both physically active and mentally solves the equations and numbers. 
  • Measure the garden: Gardening in summer is the best activity to familiarize children with the type of plants and mathematically it teaches measurements. For example, if the child wants to plant 8 saplings of lemon variety in a defined place, then the child should measure the area with tape and after recording the numbers the child will get the idea of how much space one sapling takes.  
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  • Snacks and shapes: Children love doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, and chocolates. Order 4 varieties and learn the shape of the food item you order. For example, a pizza slice is a triangle shape, a doughnut is a circle, and a chocolate bar is a rectangle shape. 
  • Make sundial: To predict what time it is and to learn about clocks make sundials and tell time. It is a good way to learn how to read the clock and learn math. 
  • Count stars: star gazing and counting stars will teach children about numbers and make them curious about astronomy. 
  • Hunt for angles: Visit parks and see at what angle the swing or see-saw moves and see if the roads are perpendicular to each other or parallel. This way children can learn about vertical and horizontal angles. 
  • Treasure hunt with Math: Prepare math puzzle questions to crack the clues. 

Summer school programs and after-school math programs support students to step ahead in the skill race and help them upgrade their numerical skills from an early age. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1. Are outdoor math activities good for kids?
Ans: Kids connect with nature when they are outdoors. They are open to opportunities to learn new things with bigger and more practical resources. So, learning math outdoors can be a great activity.

Q2. How can I help my child in learning math outside the classroom?
Ans: Games and fun math competitions can be a great way to introduce your child to math outdoors.

Q3. What are the best online platforms to learn math?
Ans: 98thPercentile is an award-winning online Math program for students in grades K to 12 that can take your child a grade ahead, guaranteed. It provides a personalized learning experience with an expertly designed curriculum.

Q4. What are the advantages of learning math outside the classroom?
Learning math outdoors will create a unique perspective for learning. It increases analytical skills and critical thinking skills.

Q5. What are the best math puzzles?
KenKen, Kakuro, Magic Square, and Sudoku are some of the best math puzzles.

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