What Are Files and File Systems in Computers?

what are files in computer

What do you do when you have a handful of chocolates and want to store them in one place? Probably you will store them in a jar. Similarly, when you have a collection of data and want to store it in a computer system, it is stored in files.

A file is a store house for saving and managing data. This allows smooth retrieval of documents. A file can be used to represent a document, video, picture, audio etc. Isn't it interesting how you can store important information digitally? Learn more about files and files systems in computers as 98thPercentile drops this article for students to understand easily.

What is a File in a computer?

A file is a container that helps in storing collective data in computer system. Various forms of data like audio, videos, pictures and more data like this can easily be stored and traced whenever required.

Files are created with computer programming and are given individual names. Every file has its own name and an extension. Extension indicates what type of data is stored whether it's a document or an image or such. Files are basic storage units that contain data in various formats.

What is a File System in Computer?

Files are generally stored on devices like USB drive or SSD. How will a computer know where the file is located when there is no structure or when files are not properly organized? Computer systems use file systems to organize and manage files efficiently.

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A file system is a framework that manages how files are stored, retrieved, accessed and managed on a device. Here are key elements of file system:

  • Directories: A directory is also known as folder. It holds files allowing a hierarchical arrangement of data.
  • Partitions: Sections of a storage device that holds file system are called partitions. One file system can have many partitions.
  • Files: The data units that are stored in directories.
  • Paths: Directions for a file or a folder in file system are written in a particular format which leads the way to the file.

Types of file systems:

Some of the common file types are listed below

  • File allocation table (FAT): It's an older file system used by early versions of windows.
  • New technology file system (NTFS): Advanced file system used by modern versions of windows.
  • Hierarchical File System (HFS): File system used by macOS.
  • Apple file system (APFS): A new file system for macOS which replaced HFS. This file system is more reliable.

Summary of Store House Secrets

Files systems perform their work in three simple steps i.e. formatting, allocations and management. These file systems are necessary for computers as they structure framework for file storage and bits of data can be stored in the form of files, which can be easily accessed for usage.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the file system used in Linux?

Ans: File system defines how data is stored. Linux uses multiple file systems; the most used file system is EXT (Extended File System).

Q2: How does the file system function?

Ans: A file system functions by formatting, allocating and managing files or directories.

Q3: What is file management?

Ans: File management means storing, managing, accessing and securing files on computer for productivity and easy retrieval of data.

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