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Just as we use language to communicate and instruments to play music, coding helps us to express ourselves to computers. It is a tool that challenges our creativity. It is a key part of 21st-century literacy and we need to introduce our children to coding in their early life. Studies have shown that a majority of the jobs in the near future will require computer engineering skills.

We understand how nature works and society work, but we do not understand the basics of computers and how to let them do original things; they are everywhere. It is not only unfair but unacceptable not to introduce kids to coding while every parent always wants the best for them. By 2030, 40% of high-paying jobs will require advanced coding skills. 20 years ago, did you know about cloud architects and data scientists? The jobs that will exist in the next 20 years don't even exist today. Now it's high time to start learning to code and master it. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! We’re here to guide you.

Let us see five ways you can code like a pro –


  1. Join an online course

Technology has showered us with the opportunity to learn coding from basic to advanced levels from the comfort of our homes. Also, a live teacher working with you in online classes can be a lot more beneficial. 98thPercentile brings you a wide variety of coding programs from Coding Foundation, Java Script, Python, Game Designing, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI, to mention a few. Not only do our coding program features live, online, and small-group classes but video recordings and catch-up classes to ensure that our students get the best from us. Each student has the opportunity to excel in learning with our experienced and practical teachers.

  1. Get your basics clear

It is essential to know and understand your purpose. You might be motivated by your friends, teachers, or what you see and hear on the internet, but what is important is to ask yourself your primary purpose of coding. Where do you see yourself once you learn how to code. Asking yourself why you should code can help you understand which programming language you should take up. As human beings are driven by their wants and needs, visioning your complete project and utilizing it just as you imagine even before you start can help you get your basics clear. So you can imagine you wanted to build a mobile app for your cousins who would like to lose weight. This will give you an idea of which programming language to start with and help you build the skills you need.

  1. Choose your language

Have a solid goal when you set sail for coding. It is totally normal to be confused at the start but that is when you have the choice. So, decide your language based on your purpose. You can always start with foundational coding - Block Based or upgrade your skills with both low-level coding language as well as high-level coding language. At 98thPercentile, you will learn Advanced Blocked-based programming, working of websites, Game designing, Python, Animation, Advanced level of web development, Written Programming of JavaScript, and much more. It is your call whether to pursue it for just the basics, fun, or upskilling. If you want to go into game programming, C++ will serve you well as it is the most widely used language for game development. Python could be the best for machine learning for its simple syntax and readability. Its varied libraries from artificial intelligence to deep learning – sci-kit image, OpenCV, tensor flow, Pytorch, kersas and the list goes on creates endless possibilities for an engineer to work with. For web and app development, you might want to consider JavaScript because of its rich features and object-based scripting language.

  1. Do live coding projects

You can choose any program to start a project. Let it be of your utmost interest and choice. But remember ‘creativity is the mother of innovation’. So, don’t be scared to start a challenging project because the information will flood around you once you dive deep into it. However, do not pick a tedious project that will bore you on the way. The 9thPercentile coding program never bored its learners all through the journey as digital events pave an endless opportunity for its learners to grow and showcase their skills. It is always better to substantiate even the simplest concepts than to keep all the concepts dancing in your head. Let the concept work it out on your screen. You can start with a simple project like creating an online game for your friends, designing a small JavaScript game, Web Scraping using Python, or even building your own Online Store.

  1. Get hands-on experience

To do is better than to know when it comes to tech skills. This can be really encouraging and motivating. Our learners from grades 1 to 8 are taught to get hands-on experience both in class and in project assignments. It is the best way to stay motivated while you are coding. No matter where your coding skills stand, you’ll encounter issues in your learning process: the more mistakes you make, the more you’ll learn. But to avoid the repetition of mistakes, this is where mentors can help. Teachers in 98thPercentile are ready to help you with your doubts that are not covered in recorded tutorials. In 98thPercentile, we get help not only from teachers but we learn and share our tech skills in the digital community- our coding boot camp and show and tell events for the students’ community is an unavoidable platform for an enthusiastic coder. We believe in differentiated learning and have a small number of students in a batch. The flexibility of time is an add-on for a hassle schedule.


Code Your Alexa in 60 minutes

how to code alexa

Have you ever wondered ‘How does Alexa work?’, ‘What is a chatbot?’, or ‘How to create a chatbot?’ Talking about getting hands-on experience, you don’t want to miss out on 98thPercentile’s free masterclass on “Code Your Own Alexa in 60 minutes”. In this day and age, a majority of us have chatbots that dominate the preponderance of our life. That being said, wouldn’t it be wonderful to teach our young ones to code their very own “ALEXA”? This masterclass will be held on December 4, 2022, for students ages 8-13 years. Register Now!

To learn to code, book a free trial of online coding classes with us.


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