What Is CSS? Understanding Its Role in HTML and Web Design

what is CSS

What catches your attention when you first glance at a website? Well, probably it's the interface. Yes, the interface is the primary element for any website as it attracts the viewers. UI defines the beauty of a website, and this possibility is credited to CSS. 

Time for questions, who makes this website so attractive? What style is used to design the website? Is there any algorithm that developers follow to design the page? Who is going to answer all these questions? Well, rest assured you have the best guide to answer these queries. Let 98thPercentile answer this in a way that can be easily understood by young developers and introduce you to one more new topic of the tech world. 

Charioteer of UI: CSS 

CSS plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining visitors by styling the website appealing. By this time, you will be wondering what is CSS 

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a programming language used to interpret documents that are written in HTML. In simple words, CSS is responsible for transforming ordinary web pages into extraordinary web pages. It is responsible for: 

  • Controlling Appearance 
  • Structuring layout 
  • Determining fonts, colors 
  • Making the web page visually engaging

Understanding the Role of CSS in HTML: 

A web page is usually written in HTML language and this content is basic. Usually when the content is basic the design of the web page also comes out as an ordinary visually less appealing web page. Hence to transform the design of a webpage and to make it more attractive CSS comes into play. 

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HTML gives the content and CSS redefines the style, appearance, and layout. CSS is included inline, internally, or externally. It uses selectors to target elements and apply styles.  

Here is a simple 3 step break down of how CSS and HTML work: 

  • First browser loads HTML. 
  • HTML is converted to DOM. 
  • Based on the selectors used, the browser assigns respective styles with respective DOM elements, and this way styles are applied. 

Finally, a visually appealing website is created. So, overall, the role of CSS is to structure a layout and ensure the website is visually attractive. 

Role of CSS in Web design: 

Web design is like ‘painting’ and CSS is like ‘paintbrush’. A paintbrush is essential in painting similarly CSS is essential in web design. It styles HTML elements, controls layouts, creates designs, and adds dynamic effects with animations and transitions to make the web page most appealing and visually alluring to the viewers. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1. How is CSS included in HTML?

Ans: CSS is included in three ways which are inline, internal, and external.

Q.2. How does CSS target HTML elements?

Ans: CSS uses selectors to target the elements and applies styles to each element.

Q.3. Why is CSS essential in web design?

Ans: CSS improves web page appearance by controlling layouts, fonts, colors, and styles.

Q.4. Where can I learn CSS and Web design?

Ans: 98thPercentile is one of the best online platforms that teaches courses like web development where the student is introduced to CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages from an early age.

Q.5. What is CSS in HTML?

Ans: Cascading Style Sheets in HTML define the design and style of the webpages, including colors, fonts, and layouts.

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