What is Python used for?

Before understanding the uses of Python, let's discuss about what is Python.

What is Python Programming?

Python is one of the world's most popular and widely used programming languages. Python coding is a general-based programming language that can be used in a versatile manner. Python programming is used for software development, web development, data analysis, task automation, data visualization, designing, and much more. 
According to the TIOBE Index, which calculates the popularity of the various programming languages, Python is the world's third most popular programming language. Credible and big organizations like NASA, Google, Spotify, Netflix, etc., use python coding to get the required results.

What is Python used for?

Understandably, Python is a sought-after and beneficial skill to learn. But what areas and profiles are Python programming used in and for? Python is a general-purpose programming language used in numbers, softwares, and applications beyond our knowledge. Below, we have discussed some of the many uses of Python programming language.

What is python used for

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
    Since Python is such a secure, supple, and simple programming language, it is perfect for various machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Over the years, Python programming language has become one of data scientists' popular programming and coding languages. Because of its increasing population and applications, many Python machine learning and AI libraries and packages are available in the market.

  2. Data analytics:
    Like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, data analytics is yet another frequently growing field that uses Python programming. These are the times when we are creating more data than ever before. Hence there is a requirement for those who can collect, manipulate and organize the information. Python coding for data science and analytics has proven to be highly beneficial. Python programming language is easy to learn, understand and implement. Python coding is flexible and well-supported. Hence it is comparatively quick and easy to use for analyzing data. 

  3. Data Visualization :
    Data visualization is another popular area of technology that can use Python coding at its best to meet the requisite requirements. Data Visualization can utilize the many strengths, benefits, and flexibility of Python coding. Since Python programming is open-source, it provides a variety of graphing libraries with all kinds of features. Whether you want to transform your data into a creative graphical representation or represent it with a simple plot, you will always find features to match your requirements.

  4. Programming Applications:
    Python Coding can be used to program various kinds of applications. Python programming is a general-purpose language that can read and create file directories, GUIs and APIs, and more. Python programming and python coding help you create all kinds of applications, whether they are blockchain applications, audio, and video applications, or machine learning applications. 

  5. Web Development:
    Python programming usage is so versatile that it is easier to comprehend that it is widely used for web development. Python is an excellent choice for web development. There are so many Python web development frameworks to choose from, such as Django, Pyramid, and Flask; hence, Python is an ideal choice for web development. These frameworks have created various websites and services, such as Spotify, Reddit, and Mozilla. This is possible due to the substantial and expansive libraries and modules that come along with Python frameworks. With python programming, functions such as database access, content management, and data authorization are all possible and easily accessible.

  6. Game Development:
    Python programming language does have its uses in the industry of online games. If you have just started using or learning Python or game development, then you can also discover how to make a text-based prototype game in Python Coding. In doing so, you can work on various skills and improve your knowledge in various areas.

  7. Language Development:
    The simple and elegant design of Python programming and its syntax has inspired the creation of new programming languages. Languages such as Cobra, CoffeeScript, and Go all use syntax similar to Python programming language, making Python a gateway language. So, if you are totally new to programming, understanding and learning Python will help you learn and create other programming languages. 

  8. SEO:
    Python Coding usage is also seen in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). It is an area that often benefits from automation, which is certainly possible through Python. In the field of SEO, Python programming can be used to implement changes across a number of pages or categorize keywords.
As we have discussed above, Python programming has a variety of applications. If you are interested in your child learning a programming language, then without a doubt, Python is the best choice to start with. Python programming is relatively easy to learn and has proven to be a great way to start your child's programming and coding journey. Python coding is also relatively easy to understand and implement. Python programming language has English-like syntax that makes it easy to learn, understand and implement. Python programming is a skill that is in high demand as it has proven to be beneficial for all kinds of industries. 
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