What Is Pseudocode? Understanding Its Role in Programming

what is pseudocode

Pseudo means false or trying to pretend. When a code has its logic, and a computer can't understand it then it is called a pseudocode. Pseudocodes are introduced so that humans can understand them. Isn't it interesting how pseudocodes smartly escape the computer algorithm?  

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Meaning of Pseudocode

Pseudocode means fake code. It is a casual way of writing a program where algorithms are easily understood by humans.  

When it comes to understanding languages, humans and computers still have huge differences despite the development of programming languages like Python which are understood by humans. 

So, these developers have produced pseudocode where they structure the algorithm but just not in real code language. Instead, it is written in their language which defies all the computer norms like colons, semicolons, or syntax errors. 

What is pseudocode in programming? 

The role of pseudocode in programming is to help humans easily understand the algorithm of a program without the need for specific syntax. Pseudocode is a method of writing programming codes or structuring algorithms in a natural language like English. It is a description of what code should do? And it is not the real code. It is like a draft of a step-by-step process through which a program can be written. 

The purpose of pseudocode is to write clear and distinct algorithms without worrying about syntax errors. 

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Pseudocode is only meant for humans to easily understand and is not used by computers as computers can't understand this logic. 

Advantages of pseudocode

The wish of every coder is to write code without worrying about syntax error and this wish is fulfilled by pseudocode. The following are a few advantages: 

  • It is beginner-friendly, as a beginner who wants to start software programming you don't have to worry about syntax codes. It is a great way to start your coding journey as you can write in your language and structure a framework. 
  • Pseudocode has no boundaries or restrictions with respect to language. You don't have to worry about missing colons or semicolons. 
  • Pseudocode is purely human logic that computers can't understand but it gives you a framework for the algorithm you need to follow. 
  • It can be easily converted to a real programming language. 
  • It can be used as a blueprint or draft for the program. 

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1. Why is pseudo code used? 

Ans: Pseudo code is to plan and understand the algorithm before coding it in a programming language.

Q.2. What is the difference between pseudocode and actual code?

Ans: Actual code requires you to follow syntax rules whereas pseudocode is just written to understand the logic and is not for computers, so it doesn't require focus on specific syntax and focuses on steps of the algorithm.

Q.3. Is it difficult to directly convert pseudocode into actual code?

Ans: No, it is easy to convert into actual code as developers use this as a document or reference to write it in computer programming language.

Q.4. Is pseudocode used by professional software developers?

Ans: Yes, it is used by professional software developers for planning and designing stages.

Q.5. Is it tough for a beginner to start with pseudo coding?

Ans: NO! It is a great way to start software programming as a beginner. For beginner guidance, you can refer to 98thPercentile which provides coding programs for children from an early age. 

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