Learn How to Code Online: A Beginners Guide

Most of you would have heard tons of facts about coding. And you might have an idea that coding has to do with computers and they process the information we perceive. However, the majority of readers may not have anything more to add than this inexplicit understanding of the concept. But there is nothing to feel bad about it. It’s just people don't try to understand the basics of coding even though we depend on coding fundamentals in our daily lives.

So what is Coding and why do we rely on it?

Coding is one of the essential parts of computer programming and is used to execute an application.

To be more precise, it is a set of programs or functions through which a particular instruction can be directed to a computer. 

Yes, it has shifted to be a basic necessity of people as they are engaged in electronic devices and software that need coding for execution. This is something that has improved our lives with some of the major technology we've come to rely on like Smartphones, browsers where we find needed info, and Social media apps connecting people like Facebook. Now get this straight to your head, that all these codes run!!

learn how to code online

We urge people to start learning how to code online

Due to the exploded need for coding these days, parents and kids wish to learn how to code online today. It is not merely a source of learning but is even fun.  The benefits of learning to code are varied, ranging from fun to career advancement. Coding is something from the regular monotony of studies that provides enhanced learning experiences. For those who are just starting to learn the coding below are some of the tips that should be kept in mind before starting:

  • Ask yourself, why you wish to learn
    People generally get confused about their final purpose after learning to code. Ask yourself why learned to code. Be clear of this question. Whether you want to become a website developer or you want to build apps in the future or a software engineer, sort it out in your mind. This step is essential as, according to this step, you will have to select the appropriate programming language. Be clear about whether learning coding is just for fun, or you wish to pursue a career in the future.
  • Choose the right programming language

    You must choose the right programming language. There are various languages like Java, C++, Python, and HTML for you to learn. For example, if you wish to learn Android application coding or become a high-end web developer, learning Java is a must. Java is a super versatile language that can be used in various software development programs. Python is also a handy language, which is mainly used in data analysis programs and is even adopted in artificial intelligence and machines. HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is another language that is pretty simple to learn and is used by web developers to format and display the content of Web pages. It is one of the first words from which a beginner can start. Hence, a beginner should get himself acquainted with the languages and choose one which is most appropriate for him.

  • Choose resources for learning

    After selecting the right language, the beginner should analyze adequately, which support to use. It could be online or offline. Online resources like packages or online coding websites, can teach you basic syntaxes to high-level programming. You can, however, even refer to books or courses provided by schools or institutions.

learn how to code online for students

  • Get to the coding concepts

    For those beginning with the coding language, it is essential to understand some of the coding terms and syntaxes. You will learn these syntaxes eventually when you practice them. The concepts are fun to learn, and once you understand the trick, it is quite simple to be framed. Loop and conditionals are some of the basic syntaxes that need to be learned. A loop is a syntax with which a program will be executed continuously until the conditions become false, whereas in conditional, true or false will be shown depending upon the situation typed.

  • Get a Code Editor

    If you are referring to an online course, they will provide you with a code editor for practicing the language. Yet, you should download a standard code editor and practice in that.

  • Hands-on practice

    One of the essential steps in learning to code is to practice as much as possible. You will have to learn the syntaxes along with understanding when and where to apply them. In the starting, you can find them tedious, or there could be times when you are unable to frame the code. Never lose hope and continue practicing as much as possible. The benefits of coding come fully with properly done practice.

  • Data structures and algorithms

    Learning data structures and algorithms of various programming languages are important to code the syntaxes appropriately

The foremost necessary to learn coding is to choose a resource with the best education available. So we recommend you 98thPercentile one of the best online resources available for learning to code. 98th percentile provides a comprehensive curriculum and an enhanced learning experience for those who wish to start learning to code. Children don't need to learn or type the syntax as a whole but need to drag the coding and frame it accordingly. The website has distinguished faculty to support the students and has organized live interaction sessions for children to clear their doubts.

Book a free coding class trail for your child today!

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