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Does your child have a passion for math? Is your child getting ready for a global math competition like Math Kangaroo? If so, you may have already made a fantastic plan of preparation for your child. However, have you thought about using practice exams as part of your preparation plan?

Your child can gain confidence and clear doubts by completing past papers, which will help them perform well on the day of the final exam. Getting ready for the Math Kangaroo competition is a difficult but worthwhile endeavor. Attempting to solve past papers can be quite beneficial. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of completing Math past papers and how to make the most of it.

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Tips To Utilize Math Kangaroo Past Papers Effectively

  • Exam Format and Question Pattern: Use past papers to understand the exam format and change question patterns from year to year.
  • Practice under exam-like conditions: You can practice for your final exam day by practicing the past papers under exam-like conditions. 
  • Identify your weakness: Practice as many past papers as you can to understand your area of weakness. Try to revise the concepts that you found difficult while solving problems from past papers for ultimate benefits.
  • Improve problem-solving skills: Practice past papers to improve your problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Solving past papers provides you with exposure to a variety of questions on similar concepts. 
  • Enhance speed: While solving past papers try to set a time limit. It will help you manage time and improve the speed of solving problems.
  • Track Progress and Revise: After you solve a past paper, try to review and analyze your answers to track your progress in learning. Revise every concept that you found difficult to remember.
  • Boost Confidence: Solving past papers exposes you to different patterns of questions and boosts your confidence to solve a new problem. 
  • Improve resilience: Solving past papers helps you adapt to the exam environment and be focused during the exam hours without feeling exhausted. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How is Math Kangaroo scored?

A: The maximum score for Math Kangaroo is 120, with each question carrying different score points depending upon their level of toughness.

Q2. When and where is the Math Kangaroo held?

A: The Math Kangaroo is held annually in March in almost over 100 countries worldwide. 

Q3. Is there any fee to participate in Math Kangaroo?

A: Yes, there is a participation fee for Math Kangaroo. It varies from country to country. 

Q4. How can students prepare for Math Kangaroo? 

A: Students can prepare for Math Kangaroo by being familiar with the exam pattern and practicing regularly.

Q5. Who can participate in the Math Kangaroo competition?

A: Any student from grades 1-12 is eligible to appear for the Math Kangaroo. 

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