Answering Kangaroo Math Questions: Tips and Techniques


Are you preparing for the Kangaroo Math exam? Are you one of those students who understands all the concepts but when solving the problems in the exam, you find it difficult to complete all the questions? Don’t worry, many students face the same challenges.

Answering  Kangaroo Math questions can be intimidating but with the right guidance and preparation, one can easily excel in the Math kangaroo test. We have created a set of strategies to prepare for kangaroo math questions and answers. Following these Kangaroo Math answering techniques, you can also have the perfect score in the next Kangaroo Math Test. 

The Best Kangaroo Math Answering Techniques

We all know that Kangaroo Math is the most popular globally participated math test for 1-12 grade students. This test not only tests students' math skills but also helps improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by boosting their confidence in math. 

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Let us directly dive into the tips and strategies now

  • Read the question: This seems to be a simple step is not that simple in real. It is the most crucial step for solving a challenging problem. Generally, the question itself carries the approach to solving it.  Reading the question carefully can help you brainstorm your approach to find the solution. 
  • Mathematical Picture Drawing: Mathematical pictures give the intuition about the solution to the problem. Mathematical picturizing refers to the idea of imagining the solution approach in mind after reading the question, by categorizing the hints and constraints. Mathematical picturizing can help you brainstorm your strategies to solve a problem. 
    While picturizing the problem, don’t waste much time on it. Try to have a basic idea and plan within a few minutes as there is a time limit for the exam.
  • Eliminate the garbage: In MCQ questions, there is always at least one option that is completely irrelevant to the question. Try to eliminate the irrelevant options before solving the answer. It will help you give an idea about the probable answer from the options. 
  • Start Solving the Question:  Once you have brainstormed your approach, start applying your strategy. Start solving the problems as quickly as you can. 
  • Know when to skip a question: Difficulty level is subjective. Every student has their weakness and strengths. Analyze your weakness and if you feel like some question is taking more time than usual, then skip that question and start solving other questions. Once you complete the other questions, try solving the skipped questions. 
  • Revision is the key: No matter how accurate your calculation is, always make a habit of revising your answers after completing all the questions. It will help you rectify your errors if any. Make a plan to manage time for revision at the end before submitting the answers. Practice revision in mock tests to improve time management.

Key Tips While Answering Kangaroo Math Questions

  • Start the exam with a positive mindset.
  • Keep yourself calm, even if you can’t find the solution to some question move to the next questions and solve them first.
  • Stay focused while doing calculations. 
  • Revise your calculations. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How should I approach solving a Kangaroo Math problem?

A: Read the question carefully and start brainstorming your approach to solve the question, once you find a way to solve the problem start applying your idea to find the answer. 

Q2. What to do if I get stuck in a math kangaroo problem? 

A: If you get stuck in a problem and can’t find the solution then skip that question for that time and start solving other questions.

Q3. How to improve my speed in solving the Kangaroo Math exam? 

A: To improve speed in solving the kangaroo math exam, practice as many questions as you can regularly. 

Q4. How can I stay motivated throughout the preparation?

A: Keep yourself calm and focused while preparing for the Kangaroo Math exam. Practice regularly and keep the habit of revising topics from time to time. However, don’t be harsh on yourself, learn at your own pace.

Q5. Should I practice past papers on math kangaroo? 

A: Yes, solving past papers can help you analyze the pattern of questions and also boost your confidence. 

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