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Typically, tests are the most stressful events that students endure during their education. They wait with worry and strain for quarterly, midterm, and final exams. The Math Assessment is the most important and challenging topic. To fret over it, is normal. But worry not, 98thPercentile is here with Math πrates 2024 which is an online Math practice test and competition for students of grade 1-8 across the USA. Save the dates on March 30 & 31, 2024 and boost your child's confidence by helping him falling in love with Math before the final Math Test at school.

Few Ways to Get Good Grades in Math Test

  • Make sure they follow the syllabus: To minimize last-minute uncertainty, ensure your child understands their syllabus and prepares for tests ahead of time. Yes, kids must be certain of the concepts they are going to study. Encourage them to create a chart of subjects to cover before examinations and urge them to track their progress on it.
  • Practice sample test papers: Ask your kid to solve previous years' question papers. You may access the question papers via online math assistance. Allow them to take mock tests with appropriate scheduling and atmosphere. All of these can help your youngster prepare for dealing with unfamiliar events and time. Understand the concepts that your child struggles with based on the sample exams. So, next, you may eliminate those conceptual questions by having them practice more in their weak areas.
  • Practice daily without fail: Make your child practice every day. Instead of waiting for the last moment before the exam and practicing at a stretch, your child can do this daily to reduce the exam stress. There are excellent online math help sites that have good practice and reference material for problems. Encourage your child to refer to and use those online materials. 

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  • Never miss out on homework: You need to make sure your child is not skipping math homework. They may find it less exciting or hard to solve homework problems, you need to help them use math homework help online. They can guide your child on how to solve problems interactively with a dedicated online math help chat. Your child may find this way of doing homework more interesting, and they won't skip it.
  • Write down formulas and instructions individually: Ask your youngster to have a separate notebook for writing formulas and problem-solving approaches. Make sure they go through the formula book every day, either before bed or when they get up in the morning. This manner, when students encounter a question, they will recall the procedures and formulas needed to answer it. This has shown to be an effective method of reviewing ideas.
  • Let your child solve the problem on their own: You must comprehend that solving a mathematical issue requires several techniques. There are no restrictions requiring your youngster to follow a specific pattern to solve an issue. It is better if you encourage children to question the logic of any concept. They can address the problem thanks to their full comprehension of the principles involved.
  • Highlight the main methods and answers: Encourage your child to highlight the formulae used in steps and the final solution so that when a tutor reviews, they will be glad to see the precision in answers without any confusion. This can earn them marks as well as positive feedback. So make this highlighting a necessary work in their daily practice. 
  • Maintain calmness at home: Usually, assessments can be stressful for your child. They start to feel the pressure when days are nearing for exams. This is the time when you need to provide them with a calm environment without any distractions. Make sure they focus on their exam preparations better at home.
  • Check out online practice Tests: Check out online Math practice Tests like 98thPercentile's Math πrates 2024- a live online Math competition, which is aimed to provide children a vital chance to prepare for the next Math assessment at school. Teach your child that Math is fun and see a boost in their confidence level.

So now it's time to ensure you implement the ways mentioned above by 98thPercentile to help your child with the Math test. Remember, with a long time of practice your child will be able to master any problematic concept. So your focus should be to make exams less stressful for them and help them earn good marks with ease.

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