Maximize Exam Success with Effective Revision Techniques

Exam season is fast approaching, and with that, some students start studying for exams as early as possible, and some are already on their first revision marathon, while others just keep it for the last minute. “I wish I had started sooner” are the words every student utters the day before an exam when they decide to cram for it at the last minute. Not starting earlier and not getting revision done on time is the actual recipe for exam anxiety and mediocre performance. Everyone knows that revision increases the chances of getting good marks and performing well in exams. Yet, revisions are always seen as an extra chore in addition to routine studies.

Revision is the process of going through the study material again. Let us understand why it is important to revise before the exam as it not only helps in easing the burden of exam preparation but also in maximizing your revision time.

Revision reduces last-minute exam anxiety

Revision is the process of understanding what you have learned while studying. Most students think that revising means last-minute cramming. It is important to understand that revising and cramming down the study material are two different things, the former is all about going through the material that you have already learned, and the latter resorts to reading massive amounts of study material in one go. Cramming never works, increases stress levels, and makes one prone to exam anxiety. Revising before the exam is the only way to keep exam anxiety at bay.

Helps in active recalling

Revision helps in remembering the concepts, as you go through it repeatedly. When you learn new information, the brain processes it and stores it in memory. When you read anything for the first time you may not be able to recall it quickly. As and when you keep on revising with effective techniques, it becomes easy for the brain to actively retrieve the information from memory.

Improves exam performance

How many times have you not been able to recall a math formula, a historical date, or a science equation just because you did not do enough practice or revise early? Your performance in exams can be influenced by how actively you are able to recall the topics that you have learned. The more actively you can recall something, the more you are able to perform better in exams.

Revision helps in focusing on weaker subjects

Studying earlier means having more time to cover all the topics of the subject. It also allows students to focus on each topic in depth beforehand, thus making one thorough with each concept. Revising can help pinpoint which subject needs more focus, this means there is more room for a student to improve on the subjects that he/she is weak at.

Revision helps in assessing oneself

Revising also helps in assessing oneself before taking the actual exam. Students can go through previous year's question papers that can help them understand where they currently stand in terms of practice and get familiar with the exam structure.

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Taking exams without revision might get you decent marks, but adequate and efficient revision techniques can help you secure good marks and boost your performance. Most importantly it will help you to reduce last-minute stress and anxiety. Ultimately, the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. So, start your revision marathon today.

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