Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids Coding

Coding – it’s everywhere. But what is it, exactly?

Code is what allows us to communicate with computers. You can think of learning to code as learning the language that computers can understand. Just about every single industry uses computer programming in one way or another, so it’s no wonder parents are looking for ways to teach their kids how to code. It might seem daunting, but learning to code for kids is as simple as learning a new language and unlocks a world of creativity and problem-solving skills. This article will show you how you can teach your kids coding – even if you don’t know the first thing about it!

Learning Online

The internet has brought the world closer, and that means there is an abundance of coding websites for kids that can teach how to code.

  1. Online Courses: Online courses allow your child to learn how to program from the comfort of your home. Online programs such as MIT’s Scratch or’s Hour of Code teach kids the basics of programming by having them create games and animations. Both are free options that allow your kids to learn coding while having fun.
  2. Online Personal Tutoring: For more personalized coding instruction, you can look at online education programs and online tutoring programs designed specifically to teach your child coding.

In these programs, your child is paired with a tutor who learns your child’s strengths and weaknesses. 98thPercentile’s online coding classes are a great option for parents looking for a more individualized learning experience for their children.

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Learning In-Person

The popularity of coding classes means that your child can take advantage of many in-person learning opportunities as well.

  1. Learning Centers: There is a very good chance that a school or tutoring center near you offers coding and computer programming classes for kids. Facilities like Sylvan Learning Centers are located in many cities, and they offer after-school Coding for Kids classes that teach kids the basics of computer programming.
  2. Coding Camps: Summer break can be a great time for your kids to learn a new skill. CodeREV Tech and iD Tech offer summer camps that teach children the basics of coding while also allowing them to form long-lasting social bonds with like-minded kids. Your local library is a great resource for learning more about the programs your city has to offer.
  3. Doing it Yourself: You can even teach your child how to code yourself! It may seem daunting if you don’t have any experience with coding, but the resources in this article are not only great tools for your child to learn how to code, but for you to learn too. Learn the basics and get started on the coding journey alongside your child.

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Learning While Having Fun

The best way to get a child to learn something is to make it fun. Your kids are going to read and play games anyway, so why not sneak some learning into their “fun” time?

  1. Books about Coding: There are a great many books on the market that pair coding basics with topics that interest kids. Beginners can use books like Star Wars Coding Projects, by Jon Woodcock. This book not only teaches coding, but it does so by using Star Wars characters and animations as examples. There are coding books available for students of all ages and skill levels.
    • Coding Toys: It’s never too early to help your child start thinking like a computer programmer.  Coding toys can help young children improve their logical thinking and creative skills. Even the ever-popular brand of LEGO® is in on this trend! LEGO’s BOOST Creative Toolbox helps kids improve their STEM skills while they are having fun.
    • Gaming Apps: Lastly, why not take advantage of the fact that kids love playing games on their phones and tablets? Instead of downloading games that are just time-sinks, you can download games that’ll keep kids busy with learning. 
      Games like Minecraft and Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues can help kids learn coding without even realizing it. 

No matter which method you choose, you should use one that is best suited for your child.

Are you looking for after-school coding classes for your kid? Great! You can join our online coding classes for kids. 98thpercentile is one of the best coding sites for kids. We offer opportunities and resources for getting your children involved in coding. So, what are you waiting for? Book a free coding class for your kid now!

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