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Are you confused between Online and in-person tutoring and trying to decide which to choose for your child? Fear not, we will help you with a list of the pros and cons of both so that you can give the best for your child. Online tutoring US is all the rage nowadays because it is convenient and has certain necessary benefits apt in today’s era. 

Online tutoring has grown in popularity among students nationwide in the digital age. Students can connect with tutors from anywhere in the world by simply clicking a button. Students can arrange their tutoring sessions at their convenience with the flexibility that comes with online tutoring. It reduces travel time and gives users access to more resources and tutors.  

Many online educational platforms like 98thPercentile provide comprehensive and extensive knowledge on the subject matter with their personalized and grade-accelerated courses. 

On the contrary, face-to-face or in-person tutoring has long been a standard approach to education. It involves the instructor and student interacting face-to-face, which can foster a personal connection and increase the interest level in studying. In-person tutoring enables real-time feedback and interactive exercises that might improve comprehension.  

Online VS In-person Tutoring 

Let’s get to know about some pros and cons of both types of tutoring. 

Online tutoring: Benefits 

  • Adaptable timetable- Students can choose a class schedule at their convenient time. 
  • Availability of a large pool of tutors- Online tutoring can provide tutors from different parts of the world, providing trainers with different viewpoints and expertise. 
  • No journey is necessary- One can learn from the comfort of their home and save on fuel costs. 
  • Frequently more economical- Online E-learning platforms like 98thPercentile offers economical packages and programs thus not making it too hard on the pockets. 

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  • Needs a reliable internet connection- There may be interruptions without a stable connection. 
  • Possible problems with technology- If the child is not tech savvy, they may
  • find it hard to keep up. 
  • Reduced interpersonal communication- Since online tutoring does not provide face-to-face communication, hence immediate communication might not be as possible as desired and one needs to wait for a revert. 
  • May be more difficult to maintain interest- Sometimes students might feel distracted. 

In-person tutoring: Benefits 

  • Face-to-face communication- It provides face-to-face communication, making understanding and raising queries easier. 
  • Quick response- It provides quick feedback. 
  • Practical exercises- It’s possible to do practical projects and exercises that might not be possible or efficient in online tutoring. 
  • More easily established rapport- it’s easier to build rapport with the tutor than in online tutoring. 


  • Reduced flexibility in scheduling- Students are unable to choose a time convenient for them. 
  • Travel expenses and duration- The time duration of the class may be rigid and to travel to and fro causes additional expenses. 
  • Few possibilities for tutors- It’s not easy to find an apt tutor who can gel well with the student and have the necessary qualities parents look for. 
  • Frequently more costly- In-person tutoring is costlier than online tutoring as the hourly rates depend on the subject, grade, and location and range between $15-80. Online classes offer better options and are more economical. 

Online and in-person tutoring comparison are not without benefits and drawbacks. The ideal option varies based on circumstances, learning preferences, and personal needs. Effective tutoring can significantly improve your educational experience, regardless of whether you like the freedom of online sessions or the personal touch of in-person sessions. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: What’s private tutoring? 

Ans- Private tutoring is the process of paying a teacher or other competent person to provide you with educational skills and support.  

Q.2: How costly is private tutoring in USA? 

Ans- The typical hourly wage ranges from $15 to $80, depending on the locality, grade, and subject. 

Q.3: How many types of private tutoring are there? 

Ans- There is online and in-person tutoring. 

Q.4: Write the benefits of online tutoring. 

Ans- Online tutoring provides flexibility in timing, studying from the comfort of own home, and saving time. 

Q.5: Write the benefits of in-person tutoring. 

Ans- Offline tutoring provides face-to-face communication and hence helps to get in-depth knowledge and immediate attention. 

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