Public Speaking for Kids to Build Confidence

public speaking for kids

Speaking in public is a challenge many fail to grasp. Children are no different. Many factors may affect the skill of public speaking for kids but parents need to hone their abilities from a young age.  

Why public speaking is vital for kids?

Public speaking for kids is needed as it has many benefits- 

  • Boost in Confidence: Speaking in front of an audience makes children feel more confident and accomplished.
  • Improved Communication: Children learn to communicate thoughts simply and effectively without getting nervous.
  • Improved Academic Performance: Public speaking promotes critical thinking and a deeper comprehension of topics.
  • Preparedness for Future Prospects: Strong speaking abilities are required for future job interviews and presentations. 

Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills

  • Encourage children to practice speaking in front of their families and friends regularly.  
  • Use Visual aids, such as slides or props, can make a presentation more engaging and help students remember their content. 
  • Appreciation and positive reinforcement from parents and instructors can help a youngster gain confidence. 
  • Participating in public speaking clubs or groups, such as a school debate team, can offer structured practice and feedback. 
  • Join online programs that are dedicated to teaching public speaking courses like at
  • 98thPercentile which caters to individual needs and focuses on small group learning to build confidence in children. 

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Things to Remember While Enhancing Kids Confidence Speaking 

  • Make sure the subject is something your kid is passionate about. 
  • Take notes to assist in remembering the main ideas. 
  • Ask them to keep practicing! 
  • Practice deep breathing to calm down. 
  • Develop a unique public speaking style.  
  • Ask your child to avoid using filler words such as "basically," "well," and "um." which show under-confidence. 
  • Don't underestimate the power of laughter.  

Public speaking for kids is an important ability for children, helping to their general growth and success. Join 2 weeks of trial classes with 98thPercentile to help your child become a confident speaker. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1: How can I help my child overcome stage fright?

Ans- Encourage regular practice and provide positive feedback to build their confidence.

Q.2: At what age should kids start public speaking?

Ans- Children can begin around 6-7 years old, in early elementary school.

Q.3: What if my child makes a mistake during their speech?  

Ans- Teach them to continue without dwelling on the mistake and to learn from it.

Q.4: How frequently should my child practice public speaking?

Ans- Daily short practice sessions can gradually improve comfort and skill.

Q.5: Are there internet options for youngsters to learn public speaking?

Ans- Websites and platforms such as YouTube provide valuable instruction. 

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