Unveiling Generational Perspectives: General Awareness Insights

What is General Awareness according to you?

Obviously, millennials will say that General awareness is an awareness of the happenings that are taking place across the globe. Whilst when we ask the similar question to Gen Z, they will majorly talk about the entertainment sector and the actors being trolled over the internet.

Gen Z are ones who are born between the years 1997 to 2012. Nowadays, it has been observed that a maximum percentage of people of this generation are not much aware of the general features of the country. General Awareness is the way of staying informed about each and every aspect as well as the current affairs about the country along with the world.

general awareness

But have you ever thought about why the generation is indulging themselves in one area of the country? Let’s check it out.


  1. Individuals look for spiced up news:

    Nowadays, the Gen Z crave for some spicy news which is more often found in the entertainment sector. This attracts the attention of the viewers leading them to strike off from the general awareness. As the political news brings the straightforward reality of the ministers that does not entertain the people.
    For making the generation get to know about current affairs, parents should help their children to build their interest towards current affairs and general knowledge that could help in the holistic development of them.
  2. The trend over social media:

    The generation Z spend their leisure time by checking trolls of different artists over social media platforms which entertain the netizens and invoke themselves to indulge more about Kylie Jenner other than Joe Biden.
    The parents should make their child spend a limited time over social media and read more insightful knowledge about the happenings around the world. This will help them to grow their mental abilities and be more exceptional in the way of general knowledge and awareness to every subject.
  3. Making general awareness a major subject in schools and universities:

    General awareness should be made a major subject in universities and schools to make the Gen Z informed about each and every news article and every aspect being covered by the media houses along with the social media controversies. Different webinars and campaigns should be run to stay tuned and prepare themselves for other examinations too. This information helps a student to develop their mental skills and ability to learn more about the political side.


Bringing general awareness into light is our duty to create a developed and informed generation. Instead of knowing about Kim Kardashians break up, they should know who gave the speech in the United Nations General assembly.

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Quiz Whizz Competition


General awareness among Generation Z is a must for the overall development of the child as well as the parents. Sometimes, parents are not aware of information due to their busy schedules, they can learn from their child about the news from the world.

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