Fostering Holistic Growth: The Power of General Knowledge

In today's world, a holistic approach towards education promotes an overall and balanced development in the child. It encourages students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Many educators and organizations now believe that students need more than the school curriculum to encompass holistic growth.


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General knowledge and general awareness can help to a great extent to instill holistic growth in children. Common intriguing facts about science, the number of states in the country, significant geographical locations, the history behind celebrating a particular day, the gist of important happenings around the world that impact everyone, and many more topics may or may not be a part of the curriculum. However, this extra knowledge can help children in becoming multi-diverse with learning. The multi-diverse education then provides children to grow holistically. 


Builds a knowledgeable personality

General awareness and general knowledge are vast subjects, but this knowledge can be gained at a young age and built up eventually. More knowledge makes one smarter. Cognitive psychologists say that one cannot be a critical, creative, independent thinker if one doesn't know a lot of facts. Learning facts require a lot of reading, and once a person is adept with facts, it becomes easier to incorporate higher-order thinking skills. It can help children build a broader knowledgeable personality.


Becomes a Quick Learner

According to a study by Canadian researcher Keith Stankovich, people with more general knowledge learned faster and better than people with less general knowledge. Astoundingly, this study was carried on two people of the same level and kind of IQ. The experiment proved that innate talent is merely not enough in education. It takes both knowledge and intensive practice to become a quick learner. 


Makes a person more confident

Having general knowledge makes children more resourceful. The more resourceful one is, the more confident one becomes in their abilities. Gaining knowledge is a continuous and lifelong process, and as one becomes more familiar with different kinds of knowledge, it raises self-esteem in children. 


Useful in daily life

Knowing about current affairs regarding events or trends that are currently going on can be helpful in daily life. Holding conversations and interacting with friends, acquaintances, or even strangers becomes easier with little general knowledge. It even helps in better decision-making as having more knowledge can help to view things from a broader perspective. As mentioned earlier, students with more general knowledge are more likely to learn faster. So, it can help students perform and get better at school. Indeed, even a little general knowledge and awareness can add so much to the holistic growth of a child. 


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As we mentioned earlier, intensive practice is more important than innate talent, it becomes necessary to brush up on skills, and general knowledge and awareness are no strangers to that. Grab this perfect opportunity in 98thPercentile's Quiz Whizz, to integrate and expand the general knowledge and awareness by participating in the Kahoot-based quiz competition for students of grades 1 to 6. Quiz Whizz is scheduled to happen on February 19-20, 2022. Please register your child for this event and watch them become a knowledgeable personality as they prepare for the contest.



General knowledge helps broaden an individual's knowledge level, and this knowledge can be useful for children in both personal and academic forefronts. It will make them smarter in every phase of life and add to their holistic growth.


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