What makes 98thPercentile the best online learning center?

What makes 98thPercentile the best online learning center

There are many online learning centers out there and sometimes it is difficult to know which one to pick. 98thPercentile offers a unique online program for kids because it allows students to get extra academic assistance in the classroom setting. They mimic a classroom by assigning one teacher to four students (maximum). By having the students go through an assigned curriculum students get to interact with other classmates as well. This classroom setting allows the teachers to get to know the students better. This also enables them to assist students in the best way possible. Also, it lets students feel like they are being invested in and their academic growth is valuable.

98thPercentile has more to offer than just a classroom setting –

They allow parents and children to try the program before enrolling.

Parents can enroll their children as promo students for a few trial lessons. This is not offered by many online learning centers. They have made an option in order to guarantee that parents and students are satisfied with the service they receive.

Smaller classroom strength is prioritized to ensure the best environment for the students

98thPercentile puts together smaller classrooms so that students can make friends and have the chance to practice group work. Smaller classrooms make sure that students don’t get overwhelmed and encourage them to do their best. When a classroom is conducted virtually, it can be easier for a child to be left behind during an activity. Teachers can’t see students like they would see them in a classroom and students may struggle with speaking in an online classroom. All of this gets resolved with a small virtual classroom. Teachers are aware of all the students who are in the classroom and students can feel more comfortable communicating in a smaller setting. Also, smaller classrooms allow the teachers to devote more time to each student. The implementation of smaller classrooms ensures that if a child becomes part of the 98thPercentile, they will receive the most out of a classroom setting.

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Parents get to communicate with teachers personally

To strengthen students’ success to an even greater level, there is a feature of conference appointments available to parents for scheduling meetings with teachers any time they want to discuss their child’s progress and performance. These appointments are made available within set weekly schedules of teacher’s calendars. To set appointments, each parent is provided a link that, once pasted into a browser, leads the parent to the available appointments in a given week. Once the parent has booked an appointment, a confirmation email is automatically sent to both the teacher and the parent. Reminder emails for both are also sent the day before and the hour before the scheduled conference appointment.

Long-term programs are offered

The six month program lets children get the most out of their time at 98th Percentile. It allows students to develop a trusting relationship with the teacher. This can motivate the student to speak more and ask questions when they are struggling. The long-term program can also help the teacher to get a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the student and the teacher will have time to work on the weaknesses of the student. Lastly, the long-term program can lead the students to develop long-term friendships with their classmates.
Even though there are a lot of different online learning centers, it is important to find one where the child will thrive and gain the most growth. 98thPercentile ensures the growth of students through the systems they’ve chosen to implement into their online learning center.

For more details, visit 98thPercentile. They offer Live, Online, K-12 Math, English (Reading & Writing), and Coding programs that are geared to get your child a GRADE AHEAD in just 5 months. To get a hands-on experience of the 98thPercentile learning system, Book a FREE DEMO NOW!

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