Why Coding is Important for Young Minds

Why do you think learning to code is so important for your kids?

First, don't stress too much thinking on this. Let us give you a well-defined idea of its importance.

Coding is one of the biggest trends to hit the education sector. If you want to set your children up for academic success, make sure they learn to code. When your kid learns to code, it not only boosts their math and writing skills but also gives them valuable capabilities in life, and eventually in the workforce. Basically, they gain an understanding of how digital technology works. As a parent, you need to understand digital technology plays a significant part in your kid's life. They are always surrounded by electronics such as smartphones, laptops, iPads, PlayStation, and Xbox. Underlying technology that drive these devices are software or computer programs created by coders. The kids must know that there’s no magic behind these games, it is the coding that runs these programs; so they themselves can also learn to code programs that can be highly valuable.

why coding is important

We would like to elaborate more on the benefits your kid can gain by learning to code.

  1. Acquire computational thinking: We believe computational thinking is an essential skill for understanding future technologies. The process involves thought processes rather than specific knowledge about a device or a language. This is something that can be taught without a device even though it is often associated with digital technology and coding. Here are few key fundamentals of computational thinking you must know. Decomposition - guides students to break down complex problems into simple and smaller problems. Pattern Recognition - helps kids find connections and similarities between problems. Abstraction - teaching kids to identify important information omitting irrelevant details. Algorithms - Kids can follow algorithms when they design steps to solve a problem. Students can also apply computational thinking to any other situations apart from coding, since such thinking can help them solve practical problems.
  2. Substantial academic performance: Kids who are introduced to coding at an early are more likely to excel in academics. This is because coding helps your kid to plan and organize their thoughts in a way they desire. Coding helps in synchronization of mind with hand, which is of utmost requirement when a kid wants to write something from his/her creativity. So as the coding skills of your kid develop, writing skills would also intensify simultaneously.
  3. Coding facilitates creativity: Coding encourages kids to think outside the box. They are required to do variations of coding with an endless search for solutions, and this motivates kids to use their creative minds by stretching it to the maximum. Besides that, kids who can learn to code faster have a clear cut idea of structure formation. They know the importance of a beginning, middle, and end structure just like storytelling. This can later help them in writing as well as speaking.
  4. Helps to learn perseverance: With coding, kids get an idea of how to handle problems with ease. They can anticipate any errors well in advance because any coding with a small mistake can crash the entire program, so there is a necessity for correct codes to prevent wrecks. Also, if the expected output is not attained, kids tend to persist for a desired one. For this, they attempt to study to what's not working with the program, the reason why it's not working, and what measures should be taken to ensure the program works well.
  5. Confidence grows with problem solving ability: As we all know, kids learn from their surroundings, taking into account every action performed around them. For learning anything, there are multiple ways, and coding helps your kid realize this fact. Initially, there is no assurance that their followed way will work, but with constant experimenting, kids learn to solve problems on their own. And more they solve, they gain confidence in their approach to finding solutions. This takes away the fear of failure and instills a notion of improvement in every action they perform.

When your kid learns how to code, they will have the advantage in life with more career options available to them in the future, irrespective of the industry they decide to enter. Let it be the Technology sector, Finance, Health, Retail, or any other industry, they will find success in their field. Coding thus is a handy skill that your kid can possess with the fast pace development of the world that will not only help them think better, but will stretch their mind too.

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