Study to Get a High Paying Job in the Future

In today's techno-savvy world, people are witnessing a high usage of technologies around them. Within 30 years or so, we will be fully occupied with artificial intelligence, and it would be not wrong to consider that robots will take the place of humans. From doing a poor primary job to advanced computing, robots will do all the work, and humans will operate them. Hence, to learn the operations of these technologies or to be acquainted with machines, the new generations need to learn a few essential topics. These topics will not only help them to have smooth operations in their life but will also help in their career prospective. It is highly recommended for kids to work upon these subjects as mentioned below to gain an edge over others. It will help them to get high paying job in the future.

  • Coding: A need for the day, coding is highly useful for those who wish to take up science or math in the future. Yes, because a strong foundation in computer science will help children to enhance their skills that are imminent for a job in the new age of technology. Coding can be started as an extracurricular activity, right from childhood, and then a professional course can be done. Coding not only enhances the technical skills of children but provides an extra edge to students over other children as their mental capacity progresses with coding. Parents usually ponder about the quality of coding in the future. But we can assure you that coding develops the minds of children and hence their future. Children should start learning coding and its methods and practice it regularly from a young age, to gain better acquaintance with technologies.

  • Math and Science: Math and science are the subjects that increase the mental capacities of children. Math increases critical reasoning and makes a student habitual in doing hard work. Similar to the benefits of coding, math, and science increase the mental power of a child. He or she becomes calculative and can solve simple questions of day-to-day life in seconds. Science, too, is crucial as it gives solutions to every problem related to nature or human-made machines. A student becomes analytical and develops his skills when he takes up science. Being acquainted with technology is the need of the day, and science helps students to work on various new technologies introduced in the market and produce some new inventions too, at the same time. Applied science serves important method for investigating phenoms, acquiring new knowledge, also to correct and integrating previous knowledge.

  • Data analytics: Data analytics is the need of future generations as they get accurate values from a massive amount of data accumulated using statistical tools and methods. Being able to pinpoint the accurate information required and channeling your mind to find a particular query is not an easy job. It needs due skills and concentration to do so. They use various programs like SQL, Excel to get the required results. Children have to be more proficient with Statistics which requires the right level of calculations. 
  • Liberal arts and humanities: Humanities is a subject of knowledge about the world, how to interact with people, and how to deal with people. It brings out the best advisors, speakers, and assistants as they have a high critical thinking level and can work better as far as the knowledge-based job is concerned. A student with humanities is a storehouse of knowledge, with various attributes like excellent communication and writing skills and excellent analyzing skills within them.
  • Finance and economics: Though AI will replace most of our activities in the near future; it cannot replace the financial advisors where a lot of brains have to be put into, along with analyzing nooks and corners. Economics is a deep subject, and those studying these are the personalities who become great economists in the future, making severe decisions for the nation. A student studying finance or economics has an excellent prospect in banking or investment and even as an investor or financial advisor in the market.

As you all know, it is hardly possible to accurately envision technological interruption and breakthrough innovation, but what we can do is prepare our children for innovation and help them obtain invaluable marketplace skills for the future. It is in your hands now whether or not to steer your children away from at-risk professions that can be out of date with the robotics advancement and technology outbreaks in the future.

So ensure your children develop a strong basement in subjects like coding, math and science, data analytics, liberal arts and humanities, and finance to acquire a solid foundation or job in the future workplace. So to teach your children to become bold learners and get acquainted with changes, we can recommend a one-stop site. Yes, 98thPercentile is a comprehensive website that aims at teaching multiple subjects to children under one virtual roof without going out of their homes. The site eventually makes the students realize the benefits of learning to code, for example, and praise the value of it. With its superb faculties and regular online interactive sessions, it aims at developing and nurturing the minds of students.

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