Child’s Knowledge at Home with SMART Cognitive Ability Test

Where would we be today without the lightbulb? The automobile? The iPhone? These products of exemplary human cognitive ability tests give us a glimpse into the intricacies of how the human mind works. Cognition is the ability to think, reason, plan, judge, communicate, evaluate, solve problems, aptitude test, and make decisions. This cognitive ability is arguably the absolute defining feature that makes humans human and separates us from other animals. Read more on cognitive ability test below:

The Beast vs. the Boy

Take a lion, for example. A lion’s life consists of the same cycle: hunt, eat, rest, and reproduce. The lion does not think about the family of the gazelle that he’s hunting who will be devastated by the loss of their brother. The lion does not work tirelessly to develop devices that will make aspects of his and others’ lives easier. The lion does not have conversations with his peers about the abstract meaning of life. The lion is born, engages in the same instinctual cycle, and dies. Human intelligence, on the other hand, allows us as a species to engage in extremely complex cognitive processes that enhance our lives and, best of all, can be used to enhance the lives of others.

International math olympiad

Much like a lion cub learns the ropes of life as he grows up, children rapidly develop their cognitive skills starting at birth and extending into adolescence and adulthood. Fostering these skills is a vital responsibility that parents and teachers take on daily to help ensure that the next generation is equipped with the necessary skills to be even more successful than the generation before them. Cognitive testing, or intelligence testing, is a tool that can shed valuable light on the range and complexities of a child’s potential and capabilities.

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Commit to Cognition…

As a former classroom teacher, parents would often ask me questions like, my child’s verbal skills are so advanced, why is she struggling in school? Why does it seem like my child has difficulty remembering things they’ve learned? My child has issues with working through problems in the right steps. My child is so frustrated that he is having difficulties with learning. Although the range of human intelligence is highly complex, a cognitive ability test can be an important piece in the puzzle of a child’s complete executive functioning.

Cognitive ability tests assess the following categories:

verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. The verbal reasoning test determines proficiency in understanding spoken language and the ability to put thoughts into words. The perceptual or logical reasoning test assesses how well the child can organize and reason with information and use it to solve problems. Working memory is the ability to retain information and processing speed is how well a child can process and identify information correctly.

… And Get SMART    

98thPercentile SMART is an at-home, online math Olympiad that provides parents with the outrageously beneficial results of a free online cognitive ability test. Often IQ and cognitive tests are used interchangeably, but it is important to note that while an IQ test gives a number between 90 and 190 to represent overall intellectual functioning, cognitive ability tests like the one utilized in SMART break down several areas of cognition to give you, the parent, meaningful and specific information about your child’s mental strengths and weaknesses.

Cognitive ability test

Understand Brainpower, Enhance Skills

If you are a parent who has asked questions like the ones mentioned above, imagine how valuable the information provided to you from an at-home online cognitive ability test will be! Using this data, you can:

  • Explore why your child has certain learning difficulties.

  • Confirm the mental areas that are already strong.

  • Examine degrees of intellectual giftedness in different areas of cognition.

  • Find ways for your child to continue to be challenged in their strength areas.

  • Dig deeper into understanding what learning strategies your child needs to succeed in their weaknesses.

  • Learn more about your child’s fascinating brain functioning.

Again, as a teacher, I highly value concrete data that can guide instruction for each student. But also, as a parent, I feel the unquenchable thirst for learning more and more about my children in their personalities or what they like and don’t like, and would gladly welcome a glimpse into how those precious little minds are working. Cognitive ability tests provide just that- and with SMART, children can get a chance to not only learn about their mental strengths, but they can also flex those mental muscles in a fun, competitive environment! Have your child take the free online at-home assessment and unlock the door to seeing their true potential. If not, register now by clicking on Math Olympiad Competition 2020 by 98thPercentile

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