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Is your child into the Super Mario game or spelling bee game? Spelling words feels like hitting blocks in a Super Mario game. Only if you are good with the controls, you can hit a block similarly only if you are good with letters and their pronunciation you can spell words accurately. Knowing general rules, silent letters, and homophones will help in understanding the correct pronunciation of the letter or word.

For example, in Car ‘C’ is pronounced as a ‘K’ sound

         whereas in City ‘C’ is pronounced as an ‘S’ sound.

What is the reason? How do you spell correctly when the pronunciation varies for every letter? The answer is if ‘e’, ‘i', or ‘y’ come right after the letter ‘C’ then / S / sound is used, and for all the other words /K/ sound is used. Here is a simple test by 98thPercentile for all the spelling superstars, unleash your potential with ‘Spell Kahoot’.

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Tips and hacks to spell words:

Understanding some hacks and learning easy ways will come in handy when you are on the way to improving your vocabulary skills. Some easy tips are listed below:

  • Break words into syllables, when one stumbles upon a complex word, breaking it in into syllables will help in understanding the word.
  • Always start with easy words initially: Spelling bee words will be the greatest pick to teach children in the initial stages.
  • Playing word games will give greater exposure to numerous words.
  • Developing reading habits will help in keeping consistency and will allow readers to understand different tricky words.
  • Learning about misspelled words, understanding the difference between pronunciation and spelling is important, and keeping track of all the complex words will help in leaving no room for error.
  • Practicing tests play a crucial role in improving vocabulary tests as these skills are built gradually.
  • Learning spelling rules makes the learning process easy as one can know and understand which letters have different sounds. Just like the words ‘city’ and ‘car’.

Activities for Quick Learning

Irrespective of knowledge acquired from theory one should always challenge themselves with tests and be part of some quick learning activities like:

  • Enrolling in spelling competitions will build confidence, and competitive spirit and improve spelling accuracy.
  • Following an expert-designed curriculum from an early will enhance the learning process and upgrade vocabulary skills in children.
  • Play Wordle and other puzzle word games to discover more new words

spelling bee words.

Here are a few easy spellings that confuse you with the pronunciation.









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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. How can I help my child with vocabulary?

Ans) Introduce your child to word games, encourage them to read regularly, and practice writing.

Q.2. How to learn spellings?

Ans) Learn phonetics and break down the words into syllables.

Q.3. How to avoid spelling mistakes?

Ans) Try to understand which words you are misspelling frequently and practice them. Always remember to follow spelling rules.

Q.4. What are spelling rules?

Ans) Spelling rules are like guidelines that help in understanding how the words in a language are spelled. However, these rules are not always straightforward.

Q.5. What are the three most popular spelling rules?

Ans) Adding a suffix to words ending with Y, ‘I’ always comes before ‘E’, but the exception is only if the word has C before E, then ‘I’ comes after ‘E’.

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