Python Coding skills for life

Many schools teach block based coding languages like Scratch and stop there. Take your kids to the next level by teaching them real world programming language of Python.

In these modules, kids learn the basics of Python including concepts like Loops, Conditional Statements, Data Types and Type casting. 

What our Python program offers

Early exposure to Software

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages. We teach that with the help of projects which is how software companies work. They are getting exposure to the working culture and style of the industry.

Adaptive lesson plans

Transition to a real world programming language is difficult for kids. We make it easy by helping them build engaging games like Hangman. Each project is discussed in class followed by interesting practice at home.

No need for parent intervention

We take care of children right from teaching them how to use the platform to guiding them through practice through assigning homework to monitoring progress. And since all this is online, you don’t have to step out of your home.

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How does it work?

We want to make the process of evaluating and enrolling into our programs as seamless as possible. There are just 2 simple steps.


Attend our Free sessions. We invite you to attend multiple sessions.


Check the Availability of the Module you are interested in our Booking Portal and Sign-up

That’t it. All our programs are backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you choose to drop out for any reason, just let us know before 2 weeks (4 classes) and we will gladly refund full money. No questions asked. 

Module to Jump-start Python Programming


Suggested for Grade 5 and above

In this module, kids learn the basic syntax of Python along with introduction to its basic fundamental concepts, finally kids create interesting projects like Hangman game and they also learn the concept of cipher in an interesting manner.


Suggested for Grade 5 and above + Prerequisite PY-01

Coming Soon


Suggested for Grade 5 and above + Prerequisite PY-02

Coming Soon


formal instruction

Student Code Review

A class starts with the review of previous class topics. Students show the code they made for review.

teacher-guided practice

Formal Teaching

The teacher takes the coding project one step further and teaches whatever is need to accomplish this.

self-guided practice

In-Class Practice

Students implement the code they have just learnt and the hurdles they face can be solved by teacher.


Homework Project

Students are assigned a parallel homework project which they can finish using the concepts.


after school enrichment

Boosts Creativity

We not only teach how to code but also prepare students to solve practical problems. We teach them how we can take a real world situation and translate it into coding algorithm and proceed to build code around it. This enables students to think objectively and more creatively.

low teacher to student ratio

Vital Career Skill

Learning to code is not just a job for programmers any more. Researchers also learn to code and visualize the data generated by their research. Managers also learn how to automatically gather statistics of their company. Coding is slowly becoming an essential skill for every career.

common core curriculum

Learn Soft Skills

Students learn how to have group discussions and collaborate with each other when building code. They also learn how to present their ideas and their code in front of an audience as part of this program. These are all soft skills that are helpful for students in their career.

Become Coding Guru

Our progressively designed curriculum means that students not only learn how to code and get over with, they start their journey of diving deeper into coding world and practicing every year. This builds a remarkable affinity in students towards programming.

Coding Python Program Structure

  • Ideal for Grades 5 & Above
  • Live, Online Classes
  • 2 Classes per Week
  • Up to 4 Students per Class
  • Progressive Curriculum with multiple diverse Modules
  • 12 Weeks for each Module
  • 24 Classes
  • No Commitment
  • Satisfaction with 2 Weeks Money Back Guarantee 
  • Up to 4 times more value

Why Choose 98thPercentile

Guided Learning

There are many self-guided platforms to learn Coding. In fact, even we use some of the best ones like However, it is highly unlikely that a student is motivated for a long time to finish the entire program on his/her own. Our programs are teacher guided so there is a discipline and help if a student is stuck somewhere.

State-of-art Platforms

We use the best resources in the world to teach our students how to code. Platforms like and Scratch are of international standards which people all over the world use. This helps us give students the best teaching instruction possible with the added benefit of a teacher guiding the whole learning.

Creativity Boosters

All our programs are designed in such a way to challenge the students' creativity. It is a moment of pride for each student to show their homework project in the next class. Every program includes Show & Tell after a significant project where parents are invited and students explain their project and do a demo.

Small Class Size

We accept only up to 4 students in a class. And when a batch begins, it’s all done. No more getting in. This lets us give personal attention to all students and boost their learning speed. We can also make sure no child gets left behind and achieve awesome results.

Friendly Competitions

Our small classes of up to 4 students mean that students compete with their classmates to make their projects look more awesome. This sparks an interest to learn an extra step to get ahead of the class. This is the best motivation for kids to achieve excellence.

Comfort of your Home

The program is executed online so it can be taken from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to ferry your kids to and from the learning center, sit in the lobby for hours and waste your time. Sit back, relax while we work on making your child the next Bill Gates.

World Class Curriculum

We add on to the world class curriculum built by platforms like These are carefully designed based on the learning capacity of the grade a student belongs to. Our additions make it even better by introducing teacher guidance, additional Capstone projects and public speaking & presentation skills.

Fully Managed Program

Right from day 1, we take care of installing the required tools for the projects to guiding them through the various stages, sitting with the students and troubleshooting any problems they might have, making sure they have mastered a concept before moving on to the next, giving adequate practice, tracking progress. We take care of everything.

Life Skills Included

Along with teaching them how to code, depending on their age and learning capacity, we teach them few more concepts like presentation skills in the form of “show it to your parents”, video recording and editing skills to effectively market their product, learn more about internet and cyber security to keep them safe from online fraud, etc.


We have Coding programs catering to Grades 2 & Above. While the Python Program is recommended for Grade 5 and above.

Our English programs are run by Native speaking teachers in U.S.A.

Our Math and Coding programs will have teachers mainly from India. 

The way this works is, you take a free trial class which is modeled exactly how our actual classes happen. The teachers could be same or different depending on which hour of code you joined and which module you are signing up for. Our Coding programs are backed by 2 weeks satisfaction guaranty. When you sign up for a program, if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can let us know in the first 2 weeks, and we will be glad to return any money you might have paid.

We do not take any new students once a batch commences. We recommend checking the upcoming classes and book in advance.

We take utmost care to only hire the best of the teachers. We also train the teachers rigorously before we put them in front of a student. We are very confidant this is a highly unlikely scenario. Despite of all that, our programs guarantee satisfaction. Just let us know before the 2nd week of classes, we will gladly return all money. 

We take great care in starting classes on-time every time. However, emergencies can happen and we will make it up by offering an extra class.

Please check the Pricing page here

Our Coding modules are modeled by Grades. Please check each module for age appropriateness. The most basic one is recommended for Grade 2 and above.

This is the best part of our Program. Having a small class size means that Teacher is able to give that personal attention to every student in the class. Even the most shy students will talk in our classes.

Sing up for the age appropriate module as described in each module description. Come join us every class with a big Smile 🙂

There are too many reasons to list. If you want to remember 3 things to tell anyone about us:

  1. Hassle free for parents.
  2. Kids have a lot of fun and sense of accomplishment.
  3. Our program offers at least 2 times but many cases up to 4 times more value for money.