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Essential English Idioms

These Common Sayings can Confuse even Native English Speakers!

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How to improve on your writing skills?

Purpose, Freedom, and Inspiration Can Help Young Writers Excel!

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Why Bilingual Students are Actually Smarter than Their Counterparts!

In our increasingly global society, it is easy to see why students who are developing a bilingual...

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5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Interested in Reading

Today’s Digital Temptations Can Distract Your Kids But These Tips Can Attract Them!

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How Can You Help Your Teen Become a More Efficient Reader?

Today’s  Technology Brings Distractions and Challenges to Teens’ Reading Efficiency, But You can...

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98thPercentile’s Reading Tips for Improved Comprehension

Your Enthusiasm, Support, and Modeling will Encourage Your Child’s Success in improving reading...

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Where are the Best Free Online English Classes for Kids?

98thPercentile comes out on top as the best educational investment for your child!

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Why is it Important for Your Kid to Take Online Math Classes?

Whether you are searching for a long-term math tutor, are looking to homeschool your child, or want...

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Why is it Important for Students to Attend a Math Summer Camp?

A math summer camp is a perfect way to spark a passion for math in students.

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Online Math Tutors Can Help Your Kid Score Higher

There’s no need to worry about car-pooling or scheduling pickups - a great online math tutors for...

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5 Creative Ways to Teach Children English Through Fun Activities

Your child can learn even more about these with our free 1 to 2 week trial of online English...

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