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importance of revision before exams
Importance Of Revision Before Exams & 5 Reasons To Start Revision Early

Exam season is fast approaching, with that, some students start studying for exams as early as...

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How To Communicate Effectively In An Online Meeting
Communicate Effectively In an Online Meeting with these Practical Tips

With a rapid shift in how all the institutions are coming up online, there is an increasing need...

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ACT - American College Test
ACT - American College Test



American College Test is a standardized test taken by students and is one of the most...

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How International Women’s Day Came into Existence

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th to honor the achievements, women’s...

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Grappling Exam Anxiety in Students and Ways to Curb It

When exams approach even the well–prepared students are found grappling with anxiety. Exam anxiety...

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test taking strategies
Study Tips- Multiple Choice Test Taking Strategies

Multiple choice-based tests are one of the effective ways to test a student as it assesses the...

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National Puzzle Day
National Puzzle Day – Puzzles, a Road to Metacognition

National Puzzle Day is celebrated on the 29thof January, every year to acknowledge the importance...

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game development
Gaming 101: Conceptualize – Create – Code!

Video games are created through various programming languages and software development processes....

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Importance of planning child's education in advance
Importance Of Planning A Child's Education In Advance

Malcolm X rightly said that education is the passport to the future. Every parent wants to give...

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Six Common Beginner Mistakes in Public Speaking
Six Common Beginner Mistakes in Public Speaking

The best public speakers continuously level up their speaking strategies and skills. They know that...

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general awareness
Gen Z And General Awareness, Do They Go Hand In Hand?

What is General Awareness according to you?

Obviously, millennials will say that General awareness...

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quiz competition
Impact of General Knowledge and General Awareness in Holistic Growth of a Child

In today's world, a holistic approach towards education promotes an overall and balanced...

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