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spell kahoot
Top Ten Most Brutal Spelling Bee Words

The first-ever national spelling bee was held in 1925, and every year thousands of American school...

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spelling bee challenge
The Spelling Bee Challenge

Spelling bee challenges and contests have always created excitement in participants and the...

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language learning
How command over spellings gives a boost to language learning?

All over the world, we have roughly 6,500 languages out of which some are spoken widely and some...

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Importance of Competitive Exams
Importance of Olympiad, Competitive Exams, and Gifted Programs

Many limited enrollment schools require students to take admission tests and assessments to get...

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Importance of Critical Thinking
Importance of Developing Logical Reasoning, Cognitive Ability, and Critical Thinking Skills at an Early Age

Young children always have that innate yearning to know everything around them. They are naturally...

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math kangaroo test tips
Tips for Excelling in MATH Kangaroo Competition

MATH Kangaroo Competition 2023 Online Registration is open! This is an International Math...

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black friday
A Brief History of Black Friday

Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. The next day of Thanksgiving is...

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What are Verbal Fillers & How do they affect your speech
What are Verbal Fillers & How do they affect your speech?

Imagine a person is giving a speech in front of a large audience. The first words out of their...

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Body Language & Nonverbal Communication in Public Speaking
Body Language & Nonverbal Communication in Public Speaking

When we say communication, the only things that come to our minds are language, public speaking,...

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Trick Or Treat
Knock Knock- Do You Know About Trick Or Treat?

Trick-or-treating, sometimes known as 'guising,' is a traditional Halloween event in which children...

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