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spell bee mistakes
Common Spell bee / Spell Kahoot mistakes and tips for future contests

Looking back, a pattern in the mistakes emerges for you to learn from.

Our previous blog (Winning a...

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spell kahoot 4.0
Winning a Spell Bee is Hard, But Not Impossible...Here is Why

Among all competitions, the Spelling Bee is one of the most difficult to crack. With more than a...

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how to improve public speaking skills
Five Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is the art of conveying your ideas to a wide audience in front of you. Modern day...

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design comic strips
Comic Strip- The most creative art of storytelling

Speaking of books, comics are an integral part of everyone’s childhood. There is hardly any child...

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Effective Communication Strategies in Public Speaking
Effective Communication Strategies in Public Speaking

Communication is a soft skill required at every phase of life. After all, we communicate every...

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summer classes
How to utilize your child's summers without spending a single dollar?

Summers are one of the bestowed times where we can enjoy our qualitative time with our family and...

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opening lines for speach
Nine Best Opening Lines for Public Speaking

People never forget the first impression you make. When making a lasting impression on the...

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benefits of mock tests
Mock Tests- The Ultimate Tool for Getting Better Scores in Finals

Students, do you read the whole syllabus word-to-word and solve all the math problems well in...

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what is cogat test
CogAT Test


The Cognitive Abilities Test is a standardized test administered since 1979 by one of the...

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Exceptional Essays Writing Tips
Write Exceptional Essays with these Easy-to-follow Tips

Writing essays is an art that gets better with reading and experimenting with different forms of...

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key to exam success
Key to Exam Success: Prepare and Plan Effectively for Exams

Do you find yourself procrastinating over the huge syllabus to cover and not making a study session...

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importance of revision before exams
Importance Of Revision Before Exams & 5 Reasons To Start Revision Early

Exam season is fast approaching, with that, some students start studying for exams as early as...

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