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The Wonderful World of Comics

Did You Know That Comic Strips Were Invented 82 Years Ago?

The “Birth Order” of Comic Book...

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5 Benefits of Starting Revision Early in Math

Math is considered one of the foundational subjects in the world of education. Because of its...

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The Evolution of English:Contributions of European Languages

Did you know that one-third of the world speaks English today? English is the premiere choice of a...

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Is 98th Percentile Good?

When searching for an after-school online learning platform, parents want to ensure that the...

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What is 98th Percentile?

A quickly growing online learning platform is sweeping the nation and catapulting students grades ...

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The 5 Most Misunderstood Facts about Coding

The majority of computer-users know coding is what programmers do to create apps, but few...

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Are You a Helicopter Parent?

Believe it or not, there are pros and cons to helicopter parenting

The term “helicopter parent”...

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After School English Program for Kids

How Do Online After School English Program Help Students?

Some children pick up English quickly...

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Help your Child Overcome Math Phobia:

Symptoms to Watch for and Ways to Help

People may fear things that confuse them, especially when it...

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What makes 98thPercentile the best online learning center?

There are many online learning centers out there and sometimes it is difficult to know which one to...

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Why does your child need a personal online Math tutor?

Are you concerned that your child may be experiencing difficulties in math? If you are concerned,...

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The Parent's Guide to Coding

The world is advancing seemingly at the speed of light, and it is our responsibility to help our...

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