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5 Ways How Coding Helps Children Develop Logical Thinking

SummaryCritical thinking can be encouraged in children as a must-have skill. Encouraging kids to...

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Summer Camp For Kids

Disneyland is said to be the happiest place on the planet. They are, however, mistaken; it is...

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What is Phonics Instruction?

Phonics Instruction Helps Students to Unlock the Mysteries of Reading

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Importance of Public Speaking in this Communicative World

Public Speaking- Ah! We know that. You might think in the same way by reading the topic of the...

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How to learn coding with scratch?

Krishna Jasthi , Student,98thPercentile

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Why is Spell-bee bee buzzing?

Where does the bee in Spelling-Bee come from? This question has been buzzing our minds for so long.

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Learn how to spell it, wright, write, or right!

English English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. English is a West Germanic...

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After School Math Programs

Summary: Unleash the magic that after-school programs can do and make your child fall in love with...

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Famous young activists who made a difference in the world with their speeches

The human voice has always been an influential tool for change in history. Many great leaders,...

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Coding Languages - Amazing Guide of All Queries


Coding is an essential skill that is gaining...

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5 Reasons Why is Public Speaking Important?

Importance of Public Speaking

Essentially, public speaking is a presentation given, live before a...

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10 Ways in which children can overcome stage fear

Stage fright has been the stuff of nightmares for a long time. But talking in front of a crowd...

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