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Prepare for SAT math with 98th percentile

Clearing the SAT is the aspiration of many students. Obtaining a good score on the SAT leads a student to the right college, and hence opens doors to better life opportunities. However, clearing the SAT is not very easy. It needs due consistency, efforts, and determination to clear the exam. Additionally, it requires students to have clarity on the concepts. In the SAT, questions ranging from basic level math to high-level calculus can be asked. The concepts and formulas must be learned along with consistent practice by students. 

Practice tests are also vital for students. SAT math is tough for many students as there are several topics and long syllabus to be covered to ace the exam. Students should be consistent in solving the questions along with regular brushing up of the formulas. 98th percentile is an excellent website that provides regular assessments along with interactive live classes. The teachers are experienced and engage the students through a constant learning process. We recommend you prepare for SAT math with 98th percentile. Below mentioned are some of the essential features of the website, which gives an edge to its students over other competitors:

Prepare for SAT math

  • Provides an extensive curriculum: The website offers a broad curriculum for students with various topics and assignments. 98th percentile also provides homework help and supports students to stay ahead of their peers and friends.
  • Two-way interactive sessions: It isn't very easy for students to read from books and learn from them right away. Sometimes they tend to feel bored. The website hence provides live interaction sessions with expert teachers. They clear the doubts of students flawlessly. The live classes help students to fill in the gaps which remain while studying. Moreover, there are no physical restraints and location problems since the classes are held virtually.
  • Making math fun: The website ensures that SAT math concepts are not tedious for students but exciting. They engage the students with fun Math games and top quality material and hence reduce monotony.
  • No commutation problems: In real classes, traveling turns out to be a major problem for students. They have to travel for long distances, which takes a lot of their time and money. Hence, virtual online classes help students clear their doubts from home with ease as 98th percentile has dedicated teachers for this.
  • Personalized learning: The educators make small groups of 4-5 students and hence allow personalized learning for students. The teachers aim at providing good quality education to students. The classes also allow individual doubt clearing, and those doubts simultaneously get shared with other students as well, so that they also have clarification about those queries.  As the regular live classes are interactive they give students an atmosphere like personal tuition classes.
  • Regular test series: The website provides regular test series and helps students assess themselves. Regular cumulative assessments and lesson reviews help students implement and recall knowledge over a longer period. They can upgrade and grow with the site and analyze their mistakes regularly. The test contains various levels of math topics for the SAT exam and helps students examine their knowledge.

Prepare for SAT math with 98thpercentile

  • Feedback mechanism: Students usually have to wait for a long time for results in normal classes. But on this website, there is an instant feedback mechanism. Students analyze their mistakes in very little time, which saves their efforts and they get to identify their weak points.
  • Progress check: The learning process is hassle-free. The educators on the website continually evaluate the progress of students and make them learn and understand their weak areas. Monitoring of the progress report is done by the educator and ensures maximum satisfaction of students as well as parents. SAT mock test also helps students analyze their learning’s and skills.
  • Student-teacher ratio: One of the main advantages of the website is that the student-teacher ratio is low. Usually, the group is of 4-5 students. This helps students ask their doubts to teachers, which they may be hesitant to ask in large groups. Each student is ensured that he or she learns appropriately. To learn through online SAT coaching is certainly bliss with 98th Percentile.

Prepare for the SAT math is easier with 98thPercentile. With a comprehensive curriculum and live sessions, students get to learn a lot from scholarly educators and they can do wonders in the SAT exam. The preparation with 98thPercentile ensures that the math concepts of students are transparent without any doubts. Enroll for our free trial today!

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